Affiliate artist Amber deLaurentis has released her fourth studio album, Innocent Road. The vocalist performs with pianist Tom Cleary (also an Artist/Teacher at UVM), drummer Caleb Bronz, and bassist Justin Dunn '16.

From the press release:

All material on Innocent Road was co-written with lyricist Sarah Blue and lyricist/composer Tom Cleary. deLaurentis and Cleary, who teach in the Jazz Studies program at UVM, also recently released a jazz album with their band Birdcode in June 2019: You Are Here, which shares two songs with Innocent Road. The songs speak to themes of addiction, accepting the struggles of life, the beginning and end of love, recklessness, and finding a companion in the harvest moon.

Innocent Road was engineered and produced by Colin McCaffrey and mastered by Lane Gibson. The album also showcases deLaurentis' choral and orchestral arranging and features local musicians George Voland (trombone), Rich Steele (trumpet), Nadine Carpenter (English horn), John Dunlop (cello), Laura Markowitz (violin and viola), with McCaffrey on violin, viola, and guitars.

deLaurentis describes herself as a hybrid musician (jazz singer, songwriter, classical/rock pianist). The music reflects a broad spectrum of influences, from Joni Mitchell, Elton John, and The Band, as well as a broad range of styles not often seen on the same record: vocal jazz, power pop, and orchestral rock.

The band will celebrate with a CD release party on Saturday, January 4th, 2020 from 7 to 9pm at Skinny Pancake in Burlington, with special guest Colin McCaffrey on guitar.