MU 109 - Harmony and Form I is the first of the four-semester music theory sequence designed for music majors (although interested students are welcome to consider this class). To ensure that each student is prepared for the rigorous study in MU 109, a placement test is given on the first day of class. The placement test will include questions concerning pitch identification (emphasizing both treble clef and bass clef, including some alto clef and tenor clef reading) and rhythmic notation (addressing issues of beaming, barlines, and time signatures). Students will be asked to spell major and minor scales (natural, harmonic, melodic), provide key signatures for specified major and minor keys, and identify and construct intervals of various sizes and qualities. Triad identification may also be included.

Student planning to enroll in MU 109 should find that the topics included in the placement exam are familiar and that their practice answers are mostly accurate. Students who need or desire a stronger foundation in the fundamentals of music theory should enroll in MU 009 - Music Theory Fundamentals, which provides instruction and practice in the basic materials of music theory.