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Many of our students undertake internships abroad or in the U.S. with direct relevance to their GRS degrees—in businesses, government, media, international organizations like the United Nations, and international non-profit organizations working in fields of sustainable development, health, and environment.

Although we offer internship credits, most do not seek credit, but see these internships as strategies for gaining practical experience and networking opportunities. We recognize that students typically have financial demands of tuition, housing, travel, and other personal expenses, and that unpaid/under-paid internships (while offering great experience) can also create a financial burden. To assist you, there are several funding sources that provide scholarship money for students who need financial assistance in order to accept an unpaid internship. Learn more about internship scholarships.

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    NGO Internship in India

    Jocelyn Young-Hyman shared her experiences after studying abroad in India: “I recently completed four amazing months in India, first studying abroad in Jaipur and then interning with the non-governmental organization, Jatan Sansthan, in Udaipur . . . During my classroom phase, I took courses in Hindi. For the second phase of my program, I completed an internship with Jatan Sansthan [a grassroots not-for-profit organization working with the rural population of the state of Rajasthan]. The majority of my time was spent meeting with women and youth groups who were being educated about safe sex, the sex ratio issue in India and women’s rights."

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Note: Internship credits are available only for the semester in which you are doing the work. In order to receive credits, you need to be enrolled for internship credits at UVM. If you do take a semester of leave from UVM to do an internship, you could consider doing an independent study when you get back on campus, deepening your knowledge of themes you learned about while working as an intern.

Finding the Right Internship

Whether it is for credit or not, it is up to you to identify and apply for the specific internship you would like. The best way to identify an internship is to visit the UVM Career Center and examine their enormous collection of internship possibilities, and speak with global studies faculty to find out what internships they would recommend.

Recent For-Credit Internships 

  • Peace and Justice Center, Burlington
  • Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, Colchester
  • Vermont Workers’ Center, Burlington
  • DREAM Program office, Burlington
  • Population Media Center, Shelburne
  • Hope for Women, Burlington
  • Vermont Council on World Affairs, Burlington