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UVM Connect powers the global UVM network.

Akin to LinkedIn, but specific to UVM affiliates, this online community is the best way to tap into an engaged, supportive, and growing global network.  Draw upon the unique experiences of this rich network to advance your career goals and help fellow Catamounts along the way.

Career Interest Groups on UVMConnect 

Career Interest Groups are a place to find your people, explore your passions, and craft your career. There are 6 industry-themed groups. And the best way to connect with groups that interest you is through UVMConnect.

Once logged in to UVMConnect, join one (or several) Interest Groups to see who else is in the group, what they’re up to, what events you might participate in, and discover relevant jobs/internships. Choose your groups based solely on what interests you – there are no obligations – come or go at any time.  We’ve all heard the expression that “it takes a village” - crafting a rewarding career is no different – find your village in a Career Interest Group.

Your Club/Org on UVMConnect

Career Interest Groups are able to host “sub-groups.”  We encourage student clubs/orgs to become sub-groups of an Interest Group to help their members stay in touch with each other, connect with alums, and to discover relevant activities & opportunities through their subgroup and the larger Interest Group.  And, this is a great way to stay involved with your network post-graduation! 

Hosting a group on the platform is pretty straight forward.  And, like anything, the more you put in the more you’ll get out.  The most successful groups do have leaders who put some effort into regular engagement.  See our tips below on how to ensure your group does not languish. The Career Center will host a meeting each semester for club leaders to share tips & tricks, ask questions and brainstorm creative ways to make the most of their UVM Connect groups, but please be in touch at any time if you have questions, concerns or inspirations! 

To request a subgroup for your club/org please complete the form below.

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Suggestions for Using UVM Connect

It is easy to start using UVM Connect. We have some suggestions for your club to get the most out of the platform.

Getting Started

Once your group is live on UVM Connect we recommend you get started right away by adding a group logo, banner, and updating your description – all found by clicking on the settings icon. 

You’ll note that the group Privacy default is “Open” and we encourage you to keep it as such, unless you have a thoughtful reason for moving to a “Closed” group – happy to discuss this if you wish.

After that,

  1. Create roles – designate at least one member to be the social media manager (and that person should list it on their resume!) 

  1. Be consistent – set a weekly calendar and stick to it (Example: Mondays are for general announcements; Thursdays for highlighting members’ success stories) 

  1. Make a system for passing/changing roles – as membership changes, make sure there is a process for handing off responsibilities. 

  1. Get all members signed on – the more the merrier, right? 

  1. Create a strategy – Consider the following questions to help you think about how you will use your sub-group: 

  • What are the goals? – Think about what you hope to achieve with this group. Do you want to educate members? Is this a place to brainstorm ideas before/after a meeting? Is this professional, personal, or both? 
  • Who is your audience? – Is this only for current members? Would it be better to include alums? Faculty? Knowing your audience will help you narrow your content. 
  • What information would be useful for them? – Think about what your members would like to know more about. 
  • What are their needs/challenges? – Can you fill any gaps not currently being served by other means? 


Consider the following questions to help inform an engagement strategy:

  • While your primary audience is your current members, the real value of any networking platform is connecting with others. Think about how to engage alums, faculty & staff too.

  • Articulate your goals for this group. Sample goals might be:

  1. ​current & past members find and connect with each other​
  2. share resources
  3. announce club events and other related happenings (on & off campus)
  4. engage alums in sharing career advice / potential career pathways
  5. brainstorm ideas / gather input on club needs / focus
  • In order to focus your content on information that would be most useful to your audience, think about:
  1. what your members would like to know more about
  2. what their needs/challenges may be

Set Community Guidelines

Having thought about your purpose / strategy, share with the group – explicitly – your hopes for how folks with engage.  For example: 

  • Clarify if the purpose is strictly professional, personal, or both. 

  • Ask folks to agree to always be kind – that’s it. It’s not hard. 

Build Engagement

  • Be consistent – set yourself a reminder to post weekly and stick to it (Example: every Monday post an announcement, tip, reminder, or a members’ success story) 

  • Add photos of any club activities that might help bring the group to life and entice others to join the fun. 

  • Add images/video to posts as well  – a visually appealing post is more likely to get engagement 

  • Keep it simple (aka less is more) – avoid long blocks of text. 

  • Invite folks to start an exchange with an introductory post.

  • Respond to group posts and help make introductions across the group whenever you see opportunities.

  • Posts should encourage interaction / conversation – change a purely informational post into a conversation. For example, if posting an upcoming panel discussion, ask in the post “What’s one question you’d want us to ask?” 

  • Get creative in how you encourage members to post – fun challenges, scavenger hunts, etc. Help drive member activity.  

  • Make posts that add value to the group (the value can be an incredibly insightful meme or a cute cat pic – its up to your members) 

  • Reach out to the Interest Group leaders of your Premium group with ideas on collaboration, cross promotion or improved systems!


Content Ideas

It is up to you how you use your UVM Connect group. Below are some of the exciting ways other clubs have used the platform. Check them and out and see if any appeal to you. And, of course, you have a great idea, let us know and we'll add it to this page!

Host an "Ask Me Anything"

An "Ask Me Anything", or AMA for short, is an online event in which one guest (typically an expert) will answer any questions from your members. 

  • Plan a few questions to get the event started.

  • Ask short questions up front to allow for quicker responses and build momentum.

  • Ask members to submit questions ahead of time.

  • If you plan to ask questions that will require a long, thoughtful response, try to send the questions to your guest ahead of time. Keep in mind that this will take up your guest's time before the event. 

  • Advertise early and frequently. Advertise with a photo and short blurb about who the guest is what expertise they bring. 

  • Tag members who may be interested.

  • Make sure you pick a time when most students will be available.

  • If your expert posts from their account, it cannot be pinned. However, it may be better because it makes it easier for members to see the expert and connect with them later.


More on the features and functions of UVM Connect

UVM Connect is powered by Graduway and paid for by the UVM Foundation. This article by Graduway provides more context about the functions of your “sub-group” and the “premium” Career Interest Group you sit within.

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