Stephanie E. Hurley

My research and teaching span disciplines within the fields of landscape architecture, ecological design, restoration, and planning to facilitate healthy, sustainable societal and ecological interactions through design. I teach landscape and ecological design courses that highlight principles, practices, and precedents encouraging students to design projects that benefit both humans and natural systems. My work ranges from the site scale to the community scale, including design of streets, parks, and other public places, as well as private properties.


Hurley Lab, Ecological Design


Twombly, C., Hurley, S. and Faulkner, J. 2020. "The effects of soil aeration prior to dairy manure application on edge-of-field hydrology and nutrient fluxes in cold climate hayland agroecosystems." Journal of Soil and Water Conservation.

Shrestha, P., Faulkner, J., Kokkinos, J., and Hurley, S. 2020. “Influence of low-phosphorus compost and vegetation in bioretention for nutrient and sediment control in runoff from a dairy farm production area.” Ecological Engineering 150:  .

Schattman, R. Hurley, S., Greenleaf, H., Niles, M., and Caswell, M.  2019. “Visualizing Climate Change Adaptation: An Effective Tool for Agricultural Land Management?” Weather Climate and Society.

Tharp, R., K. Westhelle, and S. Hurley. 2019. “Macrophyte performance in floating treatment wetlands on a suburban stormwater pond: Implications for cold climate conditions.” Ecological Engineering 136: 152-159.

Associations and Affiliations

State of Vermont Green Infrastructure Roundtable

Campus  Master  Planning  Committee and Landscape  Advisory Subcommittee UVM

Stephanie Hurley

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Landscape Design & Planning; Ecological Design; Green Stormwater Infrastructure; Land Use and Watershed Management; Urban Ecology; Landscape Visualization


  • DDes (Doctor of Design), Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 2009
  • Masters of Landscape Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle WA, 2004
  • B.S. Conservation and Resource Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 1999


  • (802) 656-9501
Office Location:

221 Jeffords Hall

Office Hours:

By appointment

Courses Taught

PSS 137 Landscape Design Fundamentals

PSS 238 Ecological Landscape Design

PSS 381 Agricultural Runoff Treatment Eco Design