UVM’s new Institute for Agroecology aims to ‘Revolutionize Research Enterprise’

Today, the University of Vermont’s Board of Trustees voted to approve the creation of the university-wide Institute for Agroecology (IFA) — a new institute based in the Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of Engagement — seeking to serve the entire UVM community, as well as engage the wider...

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Joshua Faulkner analyzes soil

The Silent Orchestra That is Soil Health

A team of researchers from the University of Vermont has recently published their Food Systems Research Center-funded work, which discusses the needs and priorities of soil health in relation to small- and medium-sized farms.

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Dairy cows in an open air barn eating silage.

Optimizing Soil Health to Fight Climate Change

Over the past decade, Vermont dairy farmers have taken steps to become more sustainable through on-farm practices like cover cropping, conservation tillage and other soil health management strategies. Now, a team of University of Vermont researchers has joined a nationwide effort to quantify the impact of these practices and evaluate the potential for the U.S.

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