Garlic on Broccoli: A Smelly Approach to Repel a Major Pest

New University of Vermont study offers a novel framework to test strategies for managing invasive pests.
swede midge flying

Agricultural insect pests seek out familiar scents to find their plant hosts. However, they can also be repelled by odors from other plant species.

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How Honeybees May Infect Bumblebees

Many species of wild bumblebees are in decline—and new research shows that diseases spread by domestic honeybees may be a major culprit.

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Video Games Offer Clues to Help Curb Animal Disease Outbreaks

Strengthening biosecurity is widely considered the best strategy to reduce the devastating impact of disease outbreaks in the multi-billion-dollar global swine industry, but successfully doing so all comes down to human decision-making, a University of Vermont study shows.

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