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Spring 2022

In person seminars are held in Room 112 Jeffords. 1:10-2:00p

Online seminar links will be shared in the weekly announcements.



Faculty Coordinating Committee: Yolanda Chen. Graduate Student Committee Members: Jorge Ruiz-Arocho, Samantha Brewer, Katie Horner, Bailey Kretzler, Noah Olson

Seminars are free and open to the public, all are welcome!

Appreciation is due to the William T. Raymond Memorial Fund for making this series possible.

Spring 2022 Raymond Seminar Series

   Date      TitleSpeaker
Feb 4Can Biofilters Remove Phosphate and Grow Plants?     Dr. Andy Erickson, University of Minnesota         
Feb 11Trait variation and covariation in long-lived plants: understanding form, function, and phenotypic plasticity to advance food and ecosystem security. VideoAllison Miller, Danforth Center for Plant Science

Feb 18

Host-Microbe Interactions and the Maintenance of Species Boundaries VideoPaul Ginsberg
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Genetics, University of Georgia
Feb 25No Seminar 
Mar 4 Noon - 1:00

Linking ecological patterns and evolutionary processes for the conservation of economically important species Video

Dr. Joe Gunn, Department of Biology, University of Missouri
Mar 4 A View of Crop Domestication Through the Lens of Phaseolus Beans VideoProfessor Paul Gepts, UC Davis
Mar 11

Spring Break


Mar 18Estimating biophysical capacity of alternative systems: Grass-finished meat in New York and New England VideoChristian Peters, USDA ARS
Mar 25

Exploring Mycorrhizae in Riparian Restoration to Enhance Phosphorus Mitigation and Pollinator Habitat on Unceded Territory Video

Jessica Rubin, M.S. Candidate, PSS

Advisor, Josef Görres

Apr 1Growing Veganic: Exploring Plant-Based Agriculture in the U.S 

Alisha Utter, Ph.D. Candidate, PSS

Advisor, Ernesto Mendez

Apr 8We and Herbivores Eat Endophytes VideoDr. Esperanza Martinez Romero, The Center for Genomic Sciences UNAM Mexico
Apr 15

Comparing Phosphorus Loss Risk Indices in NY and VT with Edge-of-Field Monitoring 

Assessing Soil Microbial Communities of the Mesoamerican Milpa

Laura Klaiber, Ph.D. candidate PSS

Advisor, Don Ross

Bailey Kretzler, Ph.D. candidate PSS

Advisor, Eric Bishop von Wettberg

Apr 22A Valvilovian Tale of Two Legumes


Eric  Bishop von Wettberg, Associate Professor Plant and Soil Science, UVM


Apr 29Nulhegan Abenaki Food Security ProgramsChief Don Stevens 
May 6Trait-based Aerial Dispersal of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal FungiDr. Bala Chaudhary, Assistant Professor Dartmouth University

If you require a disability-related accommodation please contact Anne Marie Resnik at aresnik@uvm.edu to discuss necessary accommodations.