A herd of dairy cows eating grain in a barn.

The Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences (ASCI) offers a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and master’s and doctoral degrees in Animal Bioscience, as a part of a Public Ivy and top research university. We provide a stimulating educational experience, through which students can explore their individual interests while developing their knowledge base and skillsets related to animal science, and to explore the world, challenge ideas, and dig in on the most pressing issues of our time while earning a world class science and liberal arts education.

Our undergraduate students can engage in courses and extracurricular opportunities that emphasize particular areas of interest such as equine science, dairy production/management, pre-veterinary/pre-professional science, or zoo, exotics and companion animals. Practical experience is a key component of our undergraduate education, and these experiential opportunities are gained through research projects, course-based laboratories, experiential programs such as EQUUS and CREAM, and a variety of internship opportunities. Many of our students study abroad for a semester, immersing themselves in other countries and cultures while earning credit for their degree.

Our award-winning faculty engage students through teaching in different styles and modalities, including a variety of online and in-person courses and class sizes. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality of education in an inclusive and equitable environment, tailored to each student’s needs. Our ASCI alumni, well-prepared for the job market, embark on exciting and successful career paths. While the majority of our alumni go on to veterinary or graduate school, or assume key management or technical positions in agribusiness or industry, others use the flexibility offered by their degree to pursue careers in law, banking, or the media.

Our research faculty are engaged in cutting-edge, innovative and collaborative research, ranging from basic science to applied and translational studies. A key focus area is the physiology of dairy milk production. The insights from this work continue to deliver solutions for agricultural stakeholders to improve animal health and milk production efficiency. Goal-oriented students are encouraged to pursue graduate studies in our department, further accessing the depth of knowledge and wealth of experience our ASCI research faculty have to offer. Farm facilities managed by our department were established for the combined purposes of providing locations for agricultural research, hands-on student education, and serving as a partner in the development and promotion of agriculture in Vermont and New England.

Browse the information on the ASCI website to learn more about the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences' reputation as a leader in animal science scholarship and research. If you need further information, please contact the ASCI administrative coordinator at 802-656-0155 or by email at ascidept@uvm.edu.

Thank you for your interest.

Feng-Qi Zhao, Ph.D., Interim Chair
Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences