“We are only as good as the strength of our people!” was the influential message from our 2020 Dean's Leadership Series speaker, 1993 alum Greg Hartmann.

As Chief Executive Office and a member of the Board of Directors of National Veterinary Associates, Inc., he enlightened the UVM community with his career journey and unexpected path that started in the financial industry at GE.

He focused his story on the sustainability of culture at National Veterinary Associates (NVA), a seemingly impossible task during a virtual presentation. Greg shared NVA origin story, a seller’s perspective, and a message from the Chief Community Office to showcase the sense of community and shared purpose that comes with being a NVA employee and client.

Reflecting on his leadership team and origin story Greg speaks to the ultimate differentiator. “We hire for the whole person” Hartmann told the students. “We have to be a healthy business in order to continue sustainably doing what we want to do, on the other hand, we also need to have a healthy community as well, a place where people feel valued and important.” The concept of community is so important to NVA that they employ a Chief Community Officer to ensures that sense of community and shared purpose, shines brightly each and every day.

Thank you, Greg, from all the UVM community and guests in attendance for telling your captivating, and purposeful story.

If you missed it, you can watch his presentation here


Rachel A Narkewicz