Grossman School of Business Students Talk About Their College Internship Experience

At the Grossman School of Business, we believe an internship is one of the keys to a successful career, so we work collaboratively with our students so they can attain this valuable, firsthand experience. Last year 90% of graduating Grossman students completed at least one internship while pursuing a degree. Spring 2020 was no different.

Recently we caught up with several of our students about their experiences and although some internships were cut short due to the Covid-19, students were always grateful for the time they enjoyed in the workforce at a variety of organizations.


Alaina Kamppila
Class of 2020
BSAD Concentration: Marketing
BSAD Theme: Global Business
Minor: Parks, Recreation and Tourism

I interned at Cannonball Productions, a professional festival planning company headquartered in NYC. During my time at Cannonball I used the skills I learned during my academic career to help produce several dates of a nationally ranked touring food festival called: The Bacon and Beer Classic. This was an extremely valuable experience as it not only helped me make many connections in the festival industry but ultimately has led to the company keeping me on after graduation.


Krystal Parent
UVM Class of 2020 Undergrad, now pursuing her Masters in Accountancy at UVM
BSAD Concentration: Accounting
BSAD Theme: Global Business
Minor: Mathematics – Pure

During Spring Semester 2020, I was granted the privilege of a dual internship in financial reporting and tax at National Life Group (NLG) in Montpelier, Vermont. NLG specializes in selling life insurance and annuity products across the United States. As a member of the financial reporting team, I focused on preparing annual and quarterly financial statements for a captive insurance company under NLG.  I was also responsible for performing account reconciliations and journal entries for year-end 2019 and quarter one 2020. As a member of the tax team, I assisted with calculating and summarizing some of the required components for tax returns. The relationships that I built with coworkers during the internship should be extremely valuable in the future as I prepare to one day open a CPA firm. In addition, the experiences at NLG prepared me immensely to enter the Master of Accountancy Program at UVM next semester. 


Shelby Loura
UVM Class of 2021 - Senior
BSAD Concentration: Accounting     
BSAD Theme: Entrepreneurship
Minor: Law and Society 

This semester I was an Internal Audit intern at National Life Group in Montpelier, Vermont. National Life is a life insurance company that is focused on providing life insurance to middle America. As an intern, I developed skills around testing, analyzing, and improving certain key controls in business processes all over the company. As the semester progressed, I could tell that I was learning a lot and it was interesting to incorporate concepts I learned in the classroom to my work and vice versa.  This internship was very valuable to me because I was able to learn more about what audit is and the typical tasks that internal auditors do. In addition, I developed my communication and meeting skills, which will help me for when I get my first full time position after school!


Spencer Schell
UVM Class of 2021 - Senior
BSAD Concentration: Global Business
BSAD Theme: Finance
Minor: Sports Community & International Development

This semester I interned at Harm & Harm Financial Consulting Group, a Wells Fargo affiliate and independent wealth management firm in downtown Burlington.  The team at Harm & Harm works with a select group of individuals, families, businesses and institutions to help them build, manage, protect, and transition their wealth. As an intern I received one-on-one coaching and mentoring under a financial advisor who holds the Certified Financial Planner™ designation. This was an extremely valuable experience that gave me a foundational knowledge of comprehensive wealth management. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work directly with a financial advisor and despite the COVID-19 crisis, it has been an extremely enjoyable and valuable experience.


Tristan Duncan
UVM Class of 2023 – Sophomore

This semester I was an Intern at Hula Lakeside, a Burlington business accelerator which offers a space for growing companies to work. During my internship, some experiences I was able to be a part of were aiding tenants in research, developing social media pages, as well as helping bolster relationships with local businesses around Burlington. The experience gained from working with the team at Hula is irreplaceable, as it has prepared me for a successful career in business, as well as helping me discover which area of business I want to pursue.



Rachel A Narkewicz