Class of 2019 Welcomes Commencement Speaker Rino Caruccio

After looking out over a sea of graduates and their families, UVM’s Grossman School of Business 2019 Commencement speaker Enerino ‘Rino’ Caruccio noted it was thirty-five years ago to the day, that he too himself had sat in the Flynn Theater to receive his diploma.

While much had happened since that day in 1984, Caruccio said, "I thought I would address my remarks to that version of myself” in the hope the 2019 graduates sitting in those same seats might also find some worth in his words.

Caruccio, who is Vice President Financial Analysis for Amazon Devices based in Seattle, WA joined the company in 2006. His team is responsible for developing, implementing and delivering analysis in support of Amazon’s Device business.  Prior to joining Amazon, Rino worked for General Electric, starting his GE career in the Financial Management Program, and then GE Corporate’s Audit Staff after earning his MBA in 1991.

He spoke to “walking the ice”; invoking a game he played as a child of seeing how far he and his brothers could walk across a frozen Lake Champlain knowing they would fail, but realizing that’s what life is about, to push yourself and your boundaries. Caruccio also noted the importance of understanding the “why and so-what” of a job, as much as the how and where; to minimize the distractions of processes and details to understand what the real objectives are, or as he described it “always understand the green grass.”

Invoking the immortal words of Winston Churchill, he urged the graduating class “it’s never too early to give back, find ways to give back your time, talent and treasure,” and encouraged all of them to develop their own personal board of directors. Individuals who can advise and guide you through life and ensure it is made up of people who think differently to you, and who provide diversity of opinion.

And finally, describing how Amazon names all of its buildings and that the building he works in is named “Day One,” that graduates’ channel that Day One spirit and reminder to never become complacent. To always look forward and push. “Today is Day One of your post-university life” he said. “Take that excitement and the energy you feel today and carry it forward. Remember, it’s always Day One.”



John M Turner