Finance Concentration | Grossman School of Business | The University of Vermont(title)

Finance is the study of price versus value. It includes the creation and management of money, credit, investments (assets), and liabilities.

As part of the undergraduate program at the Grossman School of Business, finance consists of the study of financial systems, institutions, and instruments (such as stock markets, commercial banks, and bonds). Students work to develop an understanding of these elements while acquiring the skills needed to succeed through various courses, projects, and extracurricular offerings. Recent finance graduates are employed in organizations such as IBM, GE, Credit Suisse, State Street Bank, Citigroup, Duff & Phelps, Vanguard, Scott Trade and Boeing. Others have gone on to do graduate work at Berkeley, Cornell, Wharton, Harvard, NYU, and Northwestern.

Concentration Courses

Required Courses
  • BUS 2810 (3 credits) – Intermediate Financial Management, should be completed in junior year (serves as pre-req for BUS 3820)
  • BUS 3820 (3 credits) – Security Valuation & Portfolio Management, concurrent to BUS 3800 (1 credit) – Green Mountain Investment Fund 

*Recommended that BUS 2800 be completed in the sophomore year concurrent to BUS 2620.

Course Options
  • BUS 3830 – International Finance Management
  • BUS 3840 – Financial Institutions & Markets
  • BUS 3615 – Financial Statement Analysis
  • BUS 3810 – Fixed Income Security Analysis
  • BUS 3850 – Options and Futures
  • BUS 4880 – Wall Street Seminar (by invitation only)
  • BUS 3890 – Real Estate Finance
  • BUS 3990 – Investment Banking

Finance Faculty

Andrew Prevost, Ph.D.

Professor, Elizabeth and David Daigle Professorship

Andrey Ukhov, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Pizzagalli Chair in Free Enterprise