UVM offers a peak academic experience that translates to student success. With seven undergraduate colleges and schools, a graduate college, a college of medicine, an honors college, continuing education and extension programs, UVM's academic programs offer breadth, depth and variety -- and on an intimate scale. UVM is a close-knit community of scholars, scientists and artists (average undergraduate class size: 32.1), but its intimate culture is invigorated by the resources of a premier research university.

Academic Programs

Explore our offerings -- 100+ bachelor's programs, 54 master's programs, 35 accelerated master’s programs, 26 doctoral programs, an M.D. program and four pre-professional advising options (pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-vet, pre-law).

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Colleges and Schools

Undergraduate students focus their studies in one of our seven colleges and schools. In addition, the Honors College offers an academically heightened environment for some of the university's most outstanding undergraduates. The Graduate College administers all graduate programs while the College of Medicine is one of the oldest and most respected medical schools in the nation.

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Continuing and Distance

Each year, thousands of non-traditional, non-degree students in Vermont and the Northeast continue their education by pursuing degrees, planning career changes or obtaining professional development.

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Courses and Academic Calendars

Learn about course offerings and when to register, explore official policies, note the first day of classes or add/drop deadline, and more.

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Academic Support

While it's true that your UVM experience is largely what you make of it, the university community wants to play a supporting role in your success. Experienced professionals are available to help -- just ask for it.

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Libraries and Technology

UVM's libraries are well-loved, well-used resources by students and community members.

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UVM Stories

Hébert-Dufresne standing at the white board
Professor of computer science, expert on the mathematical modeling of epidemics
Bob Pepperman Taylor talking with students in his classroom
Thoreau scholar, author of new book about the crisis of American democracy
Pioneer in lab and land, second African American on the College of Medicine faculty
photograph of a prosperout Munich before WW II
AP corresponding in Germany 1980s, author of new book about journalists durig the years preceding the Third Reichn
Filmmaker focused on the immigrant communities sustaining U.S. ski towns
Professor of education, expertise in language, literacy, and its impact on identity
Summer job as a software engineer in UVM’s Social Ecological Gaming and Simulation Lab
Biologist, researching how ocean species can survive climate change
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Updates from UVM's Career Center

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