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Miriam Pendleton

Vermont Monitoring Cooperative

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Mim has worked for the Vermont Monitoring Cooperative at the Underhill Proctor Maple Research Center since the mid-1990s.

List of Projects

Project Role Start End
Proctor Maple Research Center Meteorological Monitoring: (399 m)Site Operator 1988-06-01 Ongoing
Vermont Acid Precipitation Monitoring ProgramParticipant 1980-01-01 Ongoing
National Atmospheric Deposition Program/National Trends Network (NADP/NTN)Participant 1984-06-01 Ongoing
Atmospheric Integrated Research Monitoring NetworkParticipant 1993-01-01 2013-05-30
Atmospheric Mercury Deposition MonitoringParticipant 1992-12-15 2000-12-31
Forest Environmental Monitoring (Canopy Tower)Participant 1992-07-07 Ongoing
Mt. Mansfield West Slope Mid-Elevation Forest Meteorological MonitoringParticipant 1996-09-01 Ongoing
Mt. Mansfield East Slope Mid-elevation Forest Meteorological Monitoring (884m)Participant 1999-07-26 Ongoing
Soil Temperature Gradients in a Northern Hardwood ForestParticipant 1993-01-13 2001-12-31
Mercury Flux at PMRCParticipant 2003-06-01 2008-08-31
Atmospheric Mercury Network (AMNet): Continuous monitoring of elemental and reactive mercuryParticipant 2005-05-01 Ongoing
Wet Deposition of Mercury at Proctor Maple Research Center (Mercury Deposition Network-MDN)Participant 2004-07-27 Ongoing