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Miriam Pendleton

Vermont Monitoring Cooperative

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Mim has worked for the Vermont Monitoring Cooperative at the Underhill Proctor Maple Research Center since the mid-1990s.

List of Projects

Project Role Start End
Proctor Maple Research Center Meteorological Monitoring: (399 m)Site Operator 1988-06-01 Ongoing
Vermont Acid Precipitation Monitoring ProgramSite Operator 1980-01-01 Ongoing
National Atmospheric Deposition Program/National Trends Network (NADP/NTN)Site Operator 1984-06-01 Ongoing
Atmospheric Integrated Research Monitoring NetworkSite Operator 1993-01-01 2013-05-30
Atmospheric Mercury Deposition MonitoringParticipant 1992-12-15 2006-08-27
Forest Environmental Monitoring (Canopy Tower)Participant 1992-07-07 Ongoing
UV-B Monitoring Station in USDA National Monitoring NetworkSite Operator 1996-10-22 Ongoing
Mt. Mansfield West Slope Mid-Elevation Forest Meteorological MonitoringParticipant 1996-09-01 Ongoing
Mt. Mansfield East Slope Mid-elevation Forest Meteorological Monitoring (884m)Participant 1999-07-26 Ongoing
Soil Temperature Gradients in a Northern Hardwood ForestParticipant 1997-01-01 2001-12-31
Aquatic Acidification Index pilot study to measure airborne sulfur and nitrogen oxide concentrationsProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2012-12-20 Ongoing
Atmospheric Mercury Network (AMNet): Continuous monitoring of elemental and reactive mercurySite Operator 2009-01-01 2016-01-04
Wet Deposition of Mercury at Proctor Maple Research Center (Mercury Deposition Network-MDN)Site Operator 2004-07-27 2016-01-19
Dry Deposition Inferential Measurement (DDIM)Site Operator 1992-08-04 2000-05-20


Name Date Authors Type
Atmospheric mercury in Vermont and New England: Section 2c - Long-Term Wet Deposition Manuscript2009Richard Poirot, Jamie Shanley, Sean Lawson, Eric Miller, Melody Burkins, Miriam Pendleton, Gerald KeelerReport
Precipitation Chemistry Monitoring Report1998Richard Poirot, Tim Scherbatskoy, Phil Girton, Miriam PendletonReport
Precipitation Chemistry Monitoring Data Report1998Richard Poirot, Tim Scherbatskoy, Phil Girton, Miriam PendletonDocument
Precipitation Chemistry Monitoring Data Report1997Richard Poirot, Tim Scherbatskoy, Phil Girton, Miriam PendletonReport
Soil Temperature Gradients in a Northern Hardwood Forest - 19971997Tim Scherbatskoy, Carl Waite, Deane Wang, Joanne Cummings, Miriam PendletonReport