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Greg Lawrence

United States Geological Survey

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Project Role Start End
Cross-site Study of Soil Nitrification and Stream Nitrate ExportParticipant 2001-09-01 2002-12-01
Integrating Effects of Climate Change, Acidic Deposition and Insect Defoliation on Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) Growth and Yield in the Northern ForestParticipant 2013-01-01 Ongoing
Development of a Regional, On-line Soil DatabaseProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2008-01-01 Ongoing


Name Date Authors Type
Measuring environmental change in forest ecosystems by repeated soil sampling: a North American perspective1969Scott Bailey, Donald Ross, Dr. Ivan Fernandez, Greg LawrencePublication
Modeled effects of soil acidification on long-term ecological and economic outcomes for managed forests in the Adirondack region (USA)1969Greg Lawrence, Colin BeierPublication
Effects of Acidic Deposition and Soil Acidification on Sugar Maple Trees in the Adirondack Mountains, New York1969Scott Bailey, Kathleen Weathers, Greg Lawrence, Colin Beier, Daniel BishopPublication
Loss of ecosystem services due to chronic pollution of forests and surface waters in the Adirondack region (USA)1969Greg Lawrence, Colin BeierPublication
Regional growth decline of sugar maple (Acer saccharum) and its potential causes1969Greg Lawrence, Colin Beier, Daniel Bishop, Neil Pederson, John StellaPublication