University of Vermont

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Three New Gund Tea Videos

The Gund Institute of Ecological Economics released three new Gund Tea videos that capture the great work done at the Gund and UVM.

Institutional Sustainability at UVM:

Gioia Thompson, Director of the Office of Sustainability, discusses policy and action relating to the University's institutional commitments to climate neutrality, clean energy, energy efficiency, and ending sales of bottled water. 

Land Use Change in Tropical Agroecosystems:

Dr. Gillian Galford, Research Assistant Professor, RSENR presents a range of her current remote sensing and ecosystems modeling projects. These projects address agroecological sustainability ranging from large-scale soybean farming in the Amazon to smallholder farms in Africa.

Ecology and Economics of Crop Pollination Services: 

Dr. Taylor Ricketts, Professor RSENR and Director of the Gund Institute of Ecological Economics, presents on the ecology and economics of crop pollination services. Bees and other pollinators benefit roughly 70% of major global crops, and the value of these crop pollination services has been estimated in the 10's to 100's of millions of dollars annually.  To get beyond these headlines and inform specific land-use decisions, we need to understand the landscape ecology of crop pollination, as well as the marginal economic values of pollinator habitats near farms.  Taylor introduces current knowledge of crop pollination services, and then presents some recent modeling work to estimate marginal values of tropical forest patches.