University of Vermont

  • The Dow Jones of Happiness

    Want to measure how financial markets are faring? Check the S&P 500. But what if you want to measure how happy the world was yesterday? UVM researchers have made it just as easy to get a read on global happiness.

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  • The Making of a Modern-Day Doctor

    Joseph Friedman’s senior thesis examines cutting edge genetic technology – and how it impacts patients as people.

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  • Patchwork Freedom

    Vermont's 1777 constitutional ban on slavery was groundbreaking. But does it tell the whole story? A UVM professor’s latest book investigates.

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  • Golf Bombs Away!

    Alumnus works with student engineers to take a senior capstone project to market.

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  • Herzog’s Shadow

    During the fall semester, UVM students collaborated with film great Werner Herzog. Watch senior Zach Pughe-Sanford’s response to the celebrated filmmaker’s prompt.

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  • Will Plug-in Cars Crash the Electric Grid?

    Electric car sales are on the rise. How to manage all these cars seeking sockets — without crashing the grid or pushing rates — has some utilities worried. UVM scientists have a solution.

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  • Interview: Economist Stephanie Seguino

    Professor Stephanie Seguino’s work, in academia, in the studio, in the world, comes down to one thing: exposing inequality.

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  • UVM Scientists Set New Bar in Lung Regeneration

    In end-stage lung disease, transplantation is sometimes the only viable therapeutic option, but organ availability is limited and rejection also presents a challenge. UVM research holds new promise for patients.

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  • What’s Next?

    A look at the post-graduation paths of seven alumni — and how amped efforts at UVM are bridging college and careers.

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  • Under the Ancient Ice

    UVM scientists were stunned to discover an ancient tundra landscape frozen under two miles of ice in Greenland. It’s been there for three million years -- and may lead geologists to rethink how Greenland’s big ice works.

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  • Interview: Jody Williams

    It's been twenty years since the founding of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, and fifteen years since the morning alumna Jody Williams' phone rang with the news that she and the ICBL had been selected for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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  • Behind the Scenes at the 'Cynic'

    Generations of UVM students have learned about reporting and editing, photography and layout, late nights and immovable deadlines and the thrill of a byline at the Vermont Cynic.

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  • UVM in Motion

    Alumnus Julian Tryba '13 marries two of his passions, photography and engineering, to create a film with a unique perspective of UVM, captured in time-lapse photography and by the Eleview he helped build.

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  • A Day in the Life of UVM: Oct. 8, 2013

    We dropped in on classrooms and sports fields, professors and first-years, laboratories and lunchrooms to collect dozens of stories and snapshots that give a sense of the humming life of this place. It's one day in the life of UVM.

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  • Surviving Torture, Rocking the Story

    Professor Karen Fondacaro's innovative research in clinical psychology empowers traumatized refugees.

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  • Corps Values

    Year after year, Vermont and UVM rank among the highest producers of Peace Corps volunteers. Read on for the stories of two alumni abroad today.

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  • ER Answers

    When Dr. Kalev Freeman sought help with the challenge of gathering research data in trauma situations, he drew on an abundant energy source -- student power.

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