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The Notetaking Program functions in the same way during summer months, as it does during the Fall/Spring semesters. The Notetaking Team will work with students and their professors to arrange for a reasonable and appropriate notetaking accommodation during Summer Semester.

Since Summer Semester courses are accelerated, it is essential to find a notetaker as soon as possible. If a notetaker is not found within a few days of class starting, contact immediately.



In order to arrange Notetaking:

1. Talk with your professor about the recommended accommodations in your Accommodation Letter to arrange for a notetaker in class.

2. If requesting notes, fill out the online form below:


3. Follow up with your Professors to see if they secured a peer note taker.

4. If a notetaker is found, it may take a day or two before the notes are uploaded to the Notes Database

5. If they did not secure a peer note taker, EMAIL US so we are aware of the issue.

6. View your notes on the Notes Database, and save them to your computer (Right Click --> Save Target As --> Save to desktop or desired folder)

7. If there are missing notes or out of date notes, EMAIL US so we can help resolve the issue.


The Notetaker will be thanked via a gift card to the UVM Bookstore or they can get service learning credit!

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