Documentation Guidelines

Welcome to Student Accessibility Services at UVM!

We encourage students who think they may qualify for disability services to make an appointment to meet with an SAS staff member.  In order to be eligible for academic services through SAS, students should provide documentation about their disability and meet with an SAS staff member to discuss their disability, how it impacts their learning and possible accommodations.  On the basis of documentation and the student meeting, SAS determines whether students have disabilities and which accommodations are reasonable and appropriate.

It is helpful if students send their documentation regarding their disability to the SAS office prior to their appointment so the SAS staff member is prepared for the meeting. If students do not have documentation, but think they may qualify for disability services, they should still make an appointment with SAS. SAS can direct students on a case-by-case basis as to what types of documentation would help to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations.
To learn more about working with SAS, you are encouraged to contact us for an initial meeting:

  • Call SAS at 802-656-7753
  • Email us at

TRANSFER STUDENTS: We encourage you to request a letter from the Institution you previously attended that includes the services and the accommodations you used.

Documentation is reviewed within 14 business days. If your situation requires immediate attention, please contact us at as soon as possible.