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A Distinguished Tradition

One of the great founding figures of the field, Professor Raul Hilberg, spent almost his entire academic career at UVM, from 1956 to 1991. It was while serving as a Professor of Political Science at UVM that Hilberg published his seminal work, The Destruction of the European Jews. Together with Professor Samuel Bogorad, Hilberg team-taught one of the first courses on the Holocaust offered by any American university. The Center for Holocaust Studies was founded soon after Hilberg's retirement from UVM in 1991, and was directed for many years by David Scrase, Professor of German. In 2006 the University of Vermont received a major gift from Carolyn and Leonard Miller (UVM Class of 1951), which enabled the university to significantly expand its Holocaust Studies faculty and programs

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World-Class Scholarship and Teaching

The University of Vermont offers its students the opportunity to study with a formidable team of Holocaust scholars. Courses sponsored and cross-listed by Holocaust Studies serve the needs of students at UVM in several ways. They form the basis for an undergraduate minor in Holocaust Studies; augment undergraduate as well as graduate training in a variety of disciplines; and enrich the university's curriculum with regard to issues such as cultural diversity, genocide, and human rights

The undergraduate minor field in Holocaust Studies has proved attractive to students from a wide variety of academic majors, including History, German, Russian, Psychology, English, Religion, and Sociology. Holocaust Studies courses are tied in to the frequent guest lectures and symposia organized by UVM's Center for Holocaust Studies, so students also enjoy the benefits of learning from important scholars who visit UVM from around the world.

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