The following books are available directly from the UVM Center for Holocaust Studies. All volumes are $25, including shipping and handling. Please contact to order copies.

Dear Otto: Lifelines Across the Atlantic During the Holocaust by Susanne J. Learmonth with Katherine Quimby Johnson. 2008. ISBN: 0-9707237-7-6/ISBN-13: 978-0-9707237-7-6.  Cloth, 318 pages. In "Dear Otto," Otto Ehrentheil's daughter shares the compelling story of a remarkable man, who simultaneously worked to establish himself as a professional in his new country, to support his family, and to help those still caught in Europe. Learmonth's use of her father's archives and her further research allow her to detail both the challenges that faced even the luckiest refugees from Hitler’s Greater Germany and the new friends and community that welcomed refugees and supported further rescue efforts.

Making a Difference: Rescue and Assistance During the Holocaust. Essays in Honor of Marion Pritchard. Eds. David Scrase, Wolfgang Mieder, and Katherine Quimby Johnson. 2004. ISBN: 0-9707237-5-X. Paper, 285 pages. Bibliography. The eleven essays in this volume explore what compelled some individuals to work to save lives endangered by the Holocaust and profiles individual rescuers.

Reflections on the Holocaust: Festschrift for Raul Hilberg on His Seventy-fifth Birthday. Eds. Wolfgang Mieder and David Scrase. 2001. ISBN: 0-9707237-4-1. Cloth, 237 pages. These dozen essays approach the subject of the Holocaust from a number of different disciplines, including political science, history, anthropology, philosophy, education, and literature. The contributors are: Howard Ball, Robert Bernheim, Jonathan Huener, Carroll McC. Lewin, Yehudi Lindeman, Francis R. Nicosia, Robert D. Rachlin, Richard I. Sugarman, and Gabrielle Tyrnauer.

The following title is out of print: The Holocaust: Personal Accounts. Eds. David Scrase and Wolfgang Mieder. 2001. ISBN: 0-9707237-3-3. Paper, 308 pages. Glossary, map, and index. A collection of 20 accounts of individual experiences of the Holocaust, from Lithuania to France, from Hungary to Holland. The contributors recount their lives in the ghettos and concentration camps, their experiences in hiding, or their experiences as GIs who liberated the camps.

The following title is out of print: The Holocaust: Introductory Essays. Ed. David Scrase and Wolfgang Mieder. 1996. ISBN 0-9707237-0-9. Paper, 264 pages. Glossary, map, and index. Written for use in the high school and college classroom, as well as for the general reader. In three sections it surveys the events of the Holocaust, the arts and the Holocaust, and the lessons and legacies of the Holocaust.