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Students who are considering the undergraduate minor in Holocaust studies, or have already declared the minor, should email the Director of the Center for Holocaust Studies, who also serves as the academic advisor for all students in the program. Advising for the HS minor takes place in cooperation with the faculty advisor for your major.

The fundamental purpose of academic advising is to assist you in clarifying and meeting your educational and career goals. Academic advising works best when you and your faculty advisor work together as a team.

Your academic advisor has expertise in scholarly issues, especially pertaining to Holocaust studies. There are many other issues about which you may seek advice and support such as student health, legal matters, writing and learning skills, general career planning, lifestyle/residential issues, academic accommodations and more. UVM offers a variety of free professional advising regarding these and other issues. The College of Arts & Sciences Student Services can help you to identify the resources most likely to meet your needs.

Declare a Minor in Holocaust Studies

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When you declare a Holocaust Studies minor, the program director will provide assistance on the following topics:
• course selection
• fulfilling the requirements of the minor
• arranging credit toward the minor for courses that have not been pre-approved (“exceptions”)
• general distribution and minor requirements within CAS
• advice for study abroad, off-campus studies, internships, and other opportunities
• navigating the Four-Year Plan
• career ideas and opportunities
The program director holds regular office hours. You can make an appointment by sending an e-mail to