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The University of Vermont's Consulting Archaeology Program (UVM CAP) engages in activities that help preserve, protect and explain Vermont's cultural heritage.

A unit of the Anthropology Department, the program was established in 1978. Since that time, the UVM CAP has made many contributions to Vermont archaeology through review and compliance studies required by state and federal regulations, research projects, and a wide range of educational activities. The program is entirely funded through contracts and grants from public and private sources.


Review and Compliance Projects:

The UVM CAP provides archaeological consulting services to businesses and individuals, non-profit groups, local governments, and state and federal agencies. UVM CAP archaeologists have completed over 400 projects requiring review of archaeological resources under Act 250, Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, and other laws and regulations. Current projects range from a nineteenth-century cemetery in St. Johnsbury to a possible Contact period site in Alburg. Read more about Laws and Regulations.


Through its consulting projects, UVM CAP investigates important research topics related to Native American and Euroamerican culture history. Major research themes include human interaction with the natural environment, technology, and regional trade and exchange.


The UVM CAP utilizes state-of-the-art computer technology which allows us to better serve clients and helps in our efforts to protect and preserve significant cultural resources. We encourage clients and colleagues to email or mail digital versions of survey maps and engineering data files to us so that we can depict archaeologically sensitive areas in specific relation to project elements. Read more about UVM CAP technology.

Policy and Procedures:

The UVM CAP helps local and state planning and environmental and heritage groups develop polices and procedures to identify, protect and preserve the state's archaeological resources. In 1991, CAP completed the context for the prehistoric Native American section of the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation's state preservation plan.

Education and Training:

As part of the Department of Anthropology at UVM, one of our primary missions is education. The UVM CAP provides independent and work-study opportunities to current undergraduates and full-time employment to recent graduates. Our field crews and laboratory personnel include a high percentage of students with anthropology backgrounds, many who have an interest in graduate-level studies in archaeology. We also incorporate a public education component whenever appropriate to help keep the general public informed about current research in Vermont archaeology. The UVM CAP conducts programs with local elementary and secondary schools and with adults who are interested in archaeology. For the third year, UVM CAP will help organize Vermont Archaeology Week, a state-wide celebration.

Information and Reference:

The UVM CAP provides information on Vermont archaeology to students, parents, teachers, historical societies and others.

Archaeological investigations were undertaken from 1994-2000 at the Old Burial Ground, a historic cemetery in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, in advance of renovations at the Caledonia County Courthouse.

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