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Harry Potter and the Millennials

Harry Potter and the Millennials: Research Methods and the Politics of the Muggle Generation

Anthony Gierzynski's new book on the effect of the Harry Potter series (based on research done in collaboration with UVM political science students) has been garnering world-wide media coverage.

In the short time since it was released by Johns Hopkins University press in June 2013 Gierzynski’s Harry Potter and the Millennials has been featured in newspapers in places such as the U.K., Croatia, Canada, and India, as well as in a number of U.S. Media outlets. The book was listed as one of the top ten reads of the summer in 20 Something Magazine and received coverage on the popular Harry Potter fan site The best write up of the reaction to the book is a piece that appeared in the Burlington alternative weekly paper, Seven Days.

The book can be purchased from Johns Hopkins University Press or through Amazon.

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