University of Vermont

Application Support for Health Professions Graduate Programs

The UVM Post-Baccalaureate Premedical (PBPM) Program and Masters of Medical Science Program each provide application support for their students. Those who are enrolled in, or have completed, those programs should consult Program advisors for all information related to their application process.

MCATs must be completed by January 31st, 2020 for those seeking a Committee Letter for application to medical school in June 2020. Dental school applicants will need to complete the DAT by March 15th.

UVM undergraduate students and alums are eligible for group and 1:1 pre-professional advising regarding their path to a graduate program in any health profession. The Committee Letter Process (CLP) is specifically designed to provide eligible candidates with an institutional letter of recommendation (i.e., a Committee Letter) for submission as part of their application to:

  1. Medical school (M.D. / D.O.)
  2. Dental school (D.D.S. / D.M.D.)
  3. Podiatric medical school (D.P.M.)
  4. Optometry school (O.D.)

A Committee Letter is recommended by most medical and dental schools, and required* by some (including Larner College of Medicine). It is important to note that participation in the CLP does not guarantee a favorable Letter.

Optometry and podiatric medical schools also value Committee Letters, though rarely require them. Applicants to optometry or podiatric medical school who would like to request a Committee Letter should meet with the Health Professions Advisor to review program-specific eligibility and to design an appropriate timeline (deadlines will be later than they are for medical/dental school).

To receive a Committee Letter, candidates must meet GPA, MCAT & other eligibility requirements. Medical schools do not look unfavorably at applicants without a Committee Letter if the applicant was ineligible for a Letter due to graduation date. In such cases, the Health Professions Advisor can provide a statement indicating why the candidate was ineligible.

Regardless of your path or CLP eligibility, we encourage all applicants to complete the following steps, starting in the fall PRIOR to your year of anticipated application:

  1. Create a Health Professions Portfolio (HPP) on Blackboard
    • Open to juniors, seniors and alums, between October and December
  2. Participate in a Readiness Assessment Discussion (RAD) with the Health Professions Advisor following submission of the first draft of the HPP

If you intend to apply to medical, dental, podiatric or optometry school within the next 1-2 years, please familiarize yourself with all of the information on this site.

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