• left image: two women look down at their laptops while another looks up during a workshop, center image: Director Susanmarie Harrington smiles and holds a slide presenter, right image: a seated woman holds at her hands during a discussion with a man

Supporting faculty across campus to make writing a significant part of each student's education.

WID supports faculty in finding ways to teach writing while focusing on disciplinary goals through:

Workshops & Events

WID provides workshops, groups, and other events for faculty and teaching assistants interested in thinking about the ways writing works in their classrooms.  Programming includes workshops, book groups, and working groups (mini institutes) that explore teaching, learning, and assessment as well as an annual, 4-day institute for revising a course/syllabus.

Teaching Resources

WID houses a growing list of teaching resources for teaching writing and broader teaching topics, including tip-sheets, handouts, weblinks, and recommended reading lists.

Individual Consultations

WID provides consultations for faculty to explore how writing works in their courses and assignments.

Departmental Partnering

WID partners with schools and departments to identify how writing is central to achieving learning outcomes for their majors.

Assignment Review Service

Looking for feedback on an assignment? WID's Assignment Review Service offers you a chance to see how your assignment is understood by students.

Course Mentors

In collaboration with the Undergradate Writing Center, WID matches student writing mentors with faculty and their writing intensive course.

Faculty Writing

WID offers opportunities to focus on personal writing projects during weekly writing retreats and writing groups.

Catamount Core

WID supports instructors designing and/or teaching General Education courses with the Writing and Information Literacy (WIL1 or WIL2) designation through workshops, consultations, and teaching resources.