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WE: a neuroscience-inspired, behavior change program


Jim Hudziak Biography PhotoUVM WE was created by UVM Larner College of Medicine professor & Chief of Child Psychiatry, Dr. Jim Hudziak, in order to create an environment to incentivize college students to build healthy brains & healthy bodies.


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The UVM Wellness Environment is a university-wide, neuroscience-based, behavior change program that includes a residential component. WE students are incentivized to utilize fitness, mindfulness, nutrition and relations resources to mirror WE's four pillars of wellness.

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Pillars of Wellness

Backed by top research from around the globe, the Wellness Environment focuses on four main pillars of wellness: WE Fitness, WE Nutrition, WE Mindfulness, and WE Relate. Students will be given resources to practice and grow in each of these four pillars.

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Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies

WE students learn the effects the college experience has on student brains and bodies - and how the choices they make everyday play a role in this process. 

Community Experience

Members of the WE community feel safe and supported as they navigate the college experience and the four pillars of wellness. WE wants each student to explore their own interests and find what wellness means to them.