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WE: a neuroscience-inspired, behavior change program


Jim Hudziak Biography PhotoUVM WE was created by UVM Larner College of Medicine professor & Chief of Child Psychiatry, Dr. Jim Hudziak, in order to create an environment to incentivize college students to build healthy brains & healthy bodies.


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WElcome Class of '22

Congratulations and WElcome to the Wellness Environment. August is here! We are looking forward to seeing you later this month. Consider joining us for WEventure, August 21-24. Registration ends August 4th!  


LCOMU Behavioral Change Minor

The Behavioral Change Health Studies curriculum exposes students to cutting edge research with a focus on behavioral change science embedded in the programmatic research and clinical programs at the Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and Families.

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WE App Research Study

The WE Research Study seeks to determine the effectiveness of incentivizing college students to engage in more healthy behaviors through the use of technology. The UVM WE App is a research & health promotion tool utilizing incentive-based behavior change.

WE students

Forever WE

Forever WE is a way for the Wellness Environment to stay in contact and spread wellness to those who no longer live in WE Residence Halls. All full-time UVM students who have lived in WE for two full years are eligible. If you are a transfer student please reach out to wellenv@uvm.edu. 

HBHB students


WE students participate in a 3-credit course, Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies (HBHB), taught by leading experts in the field. Students explore how the choices they make everyday play a role in brain health and development. Then, students put what they learn to practice within WE.

OE/WE Dual-Citizenship

The OE/WE Dual-Citizenship is an experience designed for the collaboration of programming efforts and common spaces for the two programs housed in the same residential area. As an OE student, OE would remain your home community but, if you decided to participate in the Dual-Citizenship you would have access to all of the benefits and amenities that WE offers.