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WE: a neuroscience-inspired, behavior change program


Jim Hudziak Biography PhotoUVM WE was created by UVM Larner College of Medicine professor & Chief of Child Psychiatry, Dr. Jim Hudziak, in order to create an environment to incentivize college students to build healthy brains & healthy bodies.


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The UVM Wellness Environment is a university-wide, neuroscience-based, behavior change program that includes a residential component. WE students are incentivized to utilize fitness, mindfulness, nutrition and relations resources to mirror WE's four pillars of wellness.

WE students help at CCRH move-in


In 2017, the Wellness Environment moved into the newest addition to UVM, the Central Campus Residence Hall (CCRH). With traditional-style rooms, this home includes a 450-seat dining facility with learning center, a bridge/connector to Bailey/Howe Library, a fitness center, yoga room, and location on the Green Mountain Walkway.

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WE App Research Study

The WE Research Study seeks to determine the effectiveness of incentivizing college students to engage in more healthy behaviors through the use of technology. The UVM WE App is a research & health promotion tool utilizing incentive-based behavior change in accordance with the principles of the UVM Wellness Environment.

HBHB students


WE students participate in a 3-credit, neuroscience course - Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies (HBHB) - taught by leading national and international experts in the field. Students explore how the choices they make everyday play a role in brain health and development. Then, students can put what they learn to practice within the Wellness Environment.