For those new to high performance computing (HPC), it can be daunting to start using the cluster. New users should begin with the VACC Knowledge Base to learn the basics about batch processing, connecting to the cluster, running a job, and more. We also offer up to 10 hours of one-on-one assistance to help you get started using the cluster for your research. For one-on-one onboarding assistance, email us at vacchelp@uvm.edu.

Programming Assistance

If you have a grant that designates resources for programming assistance, the VACC Research Facilitators will provide professional technical support for the effective use of cyberinfrastructure resources. This includes: ensuring access to resources from their workstations; facilitating multidisciplinary research; supporting data analysis, including statistical analysis; providing scientific application expertise; and supporting existing and emerging technologies. We can determine the appropriate percentage of time. 

For more information, email aelledge@uvm.edu

If you do not currently have grant resources, you may qualify for the VACC Voucher Fund.

HPC in the Classroom

Faculty are invited to incorporate HPC into courses performing computation using large datasets. The OnDemand interface for web-based access is used in combination with Jupyter Notebooks. Jobs are run on a dedicated educational SLURM partition that provides no-wait access to GPUs via a class time-based reservation system.

As of Fall 2020, the DeepGreen cluster has been incorporated into five UVM classes across three colleges — CAS, CEMS, and LCOM. In total, nearly 150 undergraduate and graduate students have been exposed to DeepGreen, GPU computing, and machine learning through HPC in the classroom.

For more information, email us at vacchelp@uvm.edu.