Disk Storage by Tier

For information about the amount of disk storage available based on tier, please see Disk Quotas in the VACC Knowledge Base.

If you are interested in greater disk storage than your tier allows or if you need help recovering files, please email us at vacc@uvm.edu. The rate for disk storage is calculated at the current price for High Throughput Storage (gpfs2) with an additional fee for installation and maintenance. The life of additional disk storage is 4 years.

Bulk File Storage

Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) offers low-cost file storage for large data sets. This service provides multi-terabyte scale network file storage for research data, archival data, backups, and other use cases that favor high capacity and data integrity over throughput. Files are backed up via nightly snapshots for up to 90 days. Backed-up files are recoverable on demand, or from an off-site replica in ETS' secondary data center.

For more information, see Bulk File Storage.

Server Backup

If you are running your own server, Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) provides data backup and recovery services. For more information, see Backup (Server).

Other Data Storage Needs

Please contact us at vacc@uvm.edu if you have any other data management or storage needs.

Writing a Data Management Plan

Data management plans are an important part of any grant application and, even when not required, set the groundwork for more efficient, organized, and effective research.

See Data Management Plans for information about how UVM Libraries can help.