Are you the Principal Investigator (PI) for this research?

To request an account, you must be either a Principal Investigator (PI) or an IT support person working with a PI who is a user of the VACC. PIs can add additional users after approval.

Are you a student or postdoc?

Do NOT fill out this form. Your PI or a professor must request the account, get approved, and then add you as a user.

Granting access to other users (adding a "sponsored user")

Once a PI completes the application form, he or she can grant access to other users on the research team — what we call "sponsored users." To add a sponsored user:

  • get your sponsored user's NetID by using the instructions here (don't guess the NetID — you may grant access to the wrong person)
  • go to your VACC Dashboard
  • see the "Sponsored Users" heading at the top of the right-hand column
  • click the green "add" button directly below the heading
  • fill out the form and click Submit

Your request will be sent to the Cluster administrators. Sponsored users are notified by email when their accounts have been processed. If your new sponsored user does not have account access within two (2) days, please contact Andrea Elledge at

Information you must provide

The VACC application form requires you to provide:

  • a title for your research or project
  • a one-paragraph description (in lay-person language) of your research
  • the types of computing resources you think you will need to support your research:
    It is helpful if you can describe your specific requirements (e.g., required disk storage, distributing computing or shared memory requirements, and required software). However, it is also acceptable to state that you don't know what your requirements are.
  • your tier choice:
    The VACC is supported by a tiered, pay-per-use policy. All users of the VACC elect to join (or are placed into) one of three tiers on a yearly basis. For more information about Tiers and fees, please see our Payment page.
  • your funding source(s):
    If you are requesting a free acount (Tier 1), you do not need to provide this information. If you are requesting a paid account (Tier 2 or 3), you must provide funding information. You may pay with both grant and departmental funding. For grants, we require the grant title and number; for departmental funding, we require a chartstring or the name of the person to contact for this information.

    For more information about Tier fees and funding options, please see our Payment page.

Don't have a UVM NetID?

If you are a PI and you don't have a UVM NetID, or if any of your sponsored users don't have a UVM NetID, please contact us at with your request, including the following for each person who does not have a UVM NetID:

  • full name
  • email address
  • telephone number


If you have any questions or concerns about your application, please contact the VACC at, or call (802) 656-8867.

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