When conducting University business within the confines of campus, alternative modes of transportation other than use of a personal motor vehicle are available, viable and strongly encouraged. These options may be the use of a university vehicle, if one is available and the employee eligible, walking, biking or using the campus shuttle system. 


Attention-Regulation change for  2020. 

Beginning on March 1, 2020, Department Business Placards will no longer be valid in Service Vehicle Spaces. The length of time these permits are valid has been extended to three hours from two, and are valid in space requiring parking permits.

In circumstances where the alternatives above may not be viable and the required functions of a University department cannot be met, supplemental parking placards, following required signed authorization by Deans, Directors, Department Heads or their designees, are issued to departments for use by faculty and staff and in some cases students. These individuals will only require access to parking areas outside of their assigned parking zone in order to perform required job functions as determined by their administrator.  These permits are not intended to and will not serve as substitute for the individual’s authorized parking assignment and must be used only when requirements of the job make such parking critical to the success of the department's operation.

Supplemental placards must be used in conjunction with a valid University on-campus parking permit. University Compound & Off-Site Permits are valid only in off-site locations and may never be used in conjunction with Supplemental Placards. Violations of the University's Parking Policies or the terms and conditions of the placard will be the responsibility of the individual displaying the placard. In cases where a department issues a placard to an ineligible individual, the department budget may be charged for fines associated with the citations.

Students are eligible to use Department Business placards. In these cases, the department along with the individual authorized to use the placard, must assure the use is limited to department business. No one is eligible to use the permit to attend classes or conduct research, except where a particular access is needed for transporting tools, equipment, or supplies. Excessive violations, or use of the permit for reasons other than job-related functions by anyone, may result in the loss of this privilege. Departments violating this policy may have the placards revoked.


Home Area: Parking areas located at or adjacent to the office, laboratory, building or otherwise primary assigned work location of the individual(s) authorized to use the placard. This may differ from the campus address the university has on file for an individual. 

Note: The home area time restrictions are in place to create space turn-over and provide parking spaces to all with the same needs and eligibility.  Repeated disregard of this and other restrictions as they pertain to the placard may result in revocation of this privilege.

Service Vehicle Space: A parking space posted with a sign or markings indicating Service Vehicle permits are required.  University Vehicles, vehicles with valid Service Vehicle Placards and valid Vendor permits are the only vehicles authorized to park here. 

Pay- By-App Space: Parkmobile.com.  A space posted with a sign indicating visitor or short-term parking as indicated by the color located on the bottom of the sign.  Payment is made by cell phone. University parking permits or supplemental placards never supersede payment in areas where payment for parking is required. Vehicles displaying a supplemental parking placard may not park in these spaces that indicate they are for visitors only, colored gray on the bottom of the sign. Parking is allowed in pay-by-app spaces that are colored green or yellow or white at the bottom of the sign.  Parking is valid as long as appropriate payment is made for time parked regardless of whether or not the placard is displayed.  Parking in the pay-by-app areas at College St. Visitor Lot, Gutterson and Jeffords is allowed as long as appropriate payment is made for time parked regardless of whether or not the placard is displayed.

Supplemental Placards: Placards that supplement an assigned parking area for University Business and job related functions as authorized by the proper authority of the requesting department and approved by University Parking Services. There are two types that may be issued based on departmental needs and requirements.

Service Vehicle Placard:  A placard which provides access to parking areas in order to transport tools, equipment, large items or items in large quantities needed to perform job functions in areas of campus other than the home area, for more than two hours at a time. In the home area these placards are limited to two hours of parking in spaces that require permits or thirty (30) minutes of parking in a Service Vehicle space.  Outside of the authorized home area, placards with an authorized area of "Campus" are valid in Service Vehicle or spaces requiring a permit at all times. In some circumstances placards may be authorized for specific lots only.  The regulations and restrictions for these placards are located on the reverse side of the placard for reference.

Department Business Placard:  Beginning March 1, 2020, these placards are no longer valid in service vehicle spaces.  This placard provides short-term access to parking areas in order to administrate or attend meetings and/or transport small items or small quantities of items needed to perform job functions.   These placards are limited to three hours of parking in spaces requiring permits and are not allowed parking in Service Vehicle Spaces. Following proper authorization, students may use this placard for the purposes of performing department related functions.  The regulations and restrictions for these placards are located on the reverse side of the placard for reference.  


Departments requiring supplemental parking placards must apply to Transportation and Parking Services by completing the online form including the appropriate signature.
Transportation and Parking Services will evaluate the request and issue a dashboard placard appropriate to the department’s needs. Individuals or department members who are eligible to use the placard will display the placard face up in an unobstructed manner on the driver's side dashboard. Failure to display the placard, or parked beyond the placard time limit, will result in restricted area violations.


  • Department Business Placards are $72 per year. 
  • Service Vehicle Placards are $87 per year. 

Supplemental Parking Permits By Type and Usage


Departmental Business Placard -- (Available For Student Use) $72/Yr
AreaPermitted SpaceService Vehicle Space
Home Area3 Hrs.N/A...Not Allowed
Non-Home Area3 Hrs.N/A...Not Allowed
Emergency/Shuttle RoadsNoNo


Service Vehicle Placard -- (Not Available For Students Use) $87/Yr
AreaPermitted SpaceService Vehicle Space
Home Area2 Hrs.30 Mins.
Non-Home AreaUnlimitedUnlimited
Emergency/Shuttle RoadNoNo