UVM is a founding member of the Chittenden Area Transportation Management Association (CATMA), along with "Hill Institutions" University of Vermont Medical Center and Champlain College. UVM's partnership with CATMA provides the University with the opportunity to jointly manage and share resources, to better coordinate land use, reduce congestion and lessen environmental impacts on the Hill and the community

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CATMA is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to strategically develop and improve transportation options, and mobility options (including goals of promoting accessibility and "walkability") at member institutions. CATMA has worked with its founding members and other Burlington businesses for over twenty years, offering employers a comprehensive employee commute program.

CATMA and UVM employee commuter benefits provide and promote transportation options and assistance to employees and students of its member institutions. The benefits of commuting by bike, bus, carpool, and walk include saving money, reducing stress, enhancing health, making friends and lessening our impact on the environment. UVM strongly encourages its employees to take advantage of the commuter programs and services offered through CATMA.

CATMA incentive programs and services include a Confidential Carpool Matching Service, Bike/Walk Rewards Program, Emergency Ride Home Program, Unlimited Access - Free rides on GMT, CarShare Vermont membership discounts, Off-site parking options, Commuter Workshops, Monthly drawings, and Transportation News and Resources.

For more information and to register with CATMA, please visit CATMA VT (Link opens in new window) or call (802) 881-0283 for details.