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The University of Vermont celebrates a history of activism, involvement and an innate sense of justice. Why would it be any different around issues of sustaining our planet and communities? Explore some of the ways that UVM offers pathways to involvement:

Student activism and leadership

Some of the best sustainability initiatives on our campus have come about because of active and engaged students. For example, in response to student activism, UVM ended the sale of bottled water on its campus in January 2013. Learn more about what Student Government Association is working on. Consider the Committee on the Environment, the Committee on Diversity Inclusion and Equity and other groups working toward a more sustainable and just campus. Or create your own club. A taste of what students can join:

UVM student organizations

Sustainability Faculty Fellows Program

For the past 12 years, faculty, academic and sustainability staff from a variety of disciplines have joined together to develop a learning community engaged in a year-long exploration of sustainability, systems thinking, and pedagogy. This program helped create a wealth of sustainability-related courses, making possible the sustainability general education requirement.

Explore the Sustinability Faculty Fellows Program

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