Employee Sustainability Ambassador Program Launches

We are excited to share that we are recruiting our very first Sustainability Ambassadors starting fall 2019!

A Sustainability Ambassador is a UVM faculty or staff member who is committed to promoting sustainability in the workplace and act as a catalyst for culture change at UVM. Ambassadors will play a vital role in supporting the promotion of sustainability among peers by acting as a liaison between their functional area and sustainability staff members. Sustainability Ambassadors serve as educators and communicators, helping to direct employees to and inform them of sustainability programs, activities and resources. The goal is to enhance the culture of sustainability within the employee population.

Common characteristics for Sustainability Ambassadors: 

  • Understanding of and enthusiasm about sustainability.
  • Ability to be an advocate for or working towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Solid communication skills, motivational and interpersonal skills.

Role of Sustainability Ambassadors:

  • Share information provided by sustainability staff on upcoming sustainability activities, events and programs.
  • Forward monthly electronic newsletter updates to your functional area.
  • Participate and recruit faculty and staff to participate in sustainability programs and activities.
  • Encourage sustainable habits in the office.
  • Identify potential ideas, strategies, and programs for enhancing sustainability culture/work environment and share them with the sustainability staff.

Benefits to becoming a Sustainability Ambassador:

  • Opportunity to be informed on the latest on sustainability programs and communicate them to coworkers and campus departments.
  • Access to information, tools and resources for a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Building peer, professional, and cross-campus relationships.
  • Active participation in fostering a culture of sustainability on campus.
  • Invitation to occasional luncheons, awards ceremonies and meetings.

Support: Sustainability Ambassadors receive support from sustainability staff in departments across campus. Handouts, tips, resources referrals, online links, in house presentations and info sessions can be provided at any time.

Joining: This is a voluntary role open to all interested employees. Please email sustain@uvm.edu with a short explanation of why you’d like to be an ambassador. The time commitment is minimal (~1hr/month) but you should make sure you have support from your supervisor.