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In our research, creative output, and teaching, UVM’s faculty, students, and alumni demonstrate the relevance of the humanities and fine arts in the ongoing construction of a just and democratic society. We believe strongly that a central mission of the humanities and fine arts is to create a thoughtful, creative, and engaged citizenry willing and able to participate in meaningful public dialogue.

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Art Entrepreneur Helps Students be Seen and Heard

Mack Baker is one of those students who loves to get together with friends and toss around ideas for a new art exhibit or a new literary publication. What separates them from many of their peers is their determination to take a good idea and run with it.

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CAS Medieval Studies Lecture Series

On Thursday November 15, at 5:30PM, Professor Michael D. Bailey (Iowa State) will give a public lecture at UVM, entitled “Preacher, Reformer, Witch-Hunter:

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Miller Symposium Focuses on WWII German Occupation of Poland

The University of Vermont hosts the Eighth Miller Symposium with the theme “Poland Under German Occupation, 1939–1945,” on Sunday, October 21, at the Silver Pavilion, UVM Alumni House (61 Summit Street, Burlington). 

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Humanities Matter Book Discussion Poster


Humanities Matter

Thursday, November 8, 2018 9:00 AM

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