Orange barYou've committed to UVM. Now you can find information to help you and your family successfully navigate the financial aspects of a UVM education. Student Financial Services can't wait to welcome you to campus!

In case you are wondering what we do...

Student Financial Services (SFS) serves our UVM students and families the following ways:

  • Billing office for tuition, fees, housing & meals, and related charges.
  • Financial aid administration of both federal and institutional aid, along with administering the Federal work-study program
  • Loan repayment office
  • Process student and parent refunds
  • Process both UVM and non-UVM (outside) scholarships


Steps to Success

Welcome to UVM Student Financial Services. We hope that you will take a moment to watch this short video welcoming you to our office and learn your next steps for a successful start to your financial journey at UVM.


Your Next Steps for Financial Aid & Your Student Bill

June: Finalize Your Financial Aid, Establish your Proxy, & Submit your Health Insurance Decision

Review your financial aid offer for the 2024-2025 academic year and complete your next steps to accept or decline optional financial aid offers like work-study and direct student loans. June is a great time to complete this so that your accepted aid will show as a pending credit on your student bill.

By the end of June make sure you have also established a proxy to receive billing notifications and to view and pay to your student account and have completed your student health insurance decision.

Complete your tasks in the UVM Aid Verification Portal.

You have received an email requesting that additional information is need to complete review of your financial aid application. View this guide for an overview of the UVM Aid Verification Portal and how to complete additional tasks that have been requested.

Submitting your outside scholarships.

Congratulations on receiving a scholarship! View our guide for an overview and how to notify our office and send in your scholarship payments. You can visit our page on submitting outside scholarship information for additional detailed information with addresses.

The difference between Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans.

Use our guide to help understand the difference between a Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans. Explore more information about these loans on our Federal Direct Loan Information page or at

How to accept your financial aid.

Follow our guide for how to accept your financial aid here at UVM. For more tips on completing the accept and/or decline process visit, How to Apply for Financial Aid and go to Step 5: Accept and Finalize Your Award.

Complete your Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and Loan Agreement.

You've already accepted your aid. Complete your Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and Loan Agreement or Master Promissory Note (MPN) so you loans will disburse by the bill due date.

Establish a Proxy for your account.

If someone will be helping you through the financial aspects of your education, you'll want to establish them as a Proxy using this step-by-step guide. Unless you have established a Proxy, our office will not be able to speak with anyone other than you about the details of your financial aid, billing, or federal tax information. Learn more about Proxy Access.

Complete the online health insurance decision/waiver form.

Annually, students must complete the health insurance decision/waiver form. View the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) page for additional insurance information and access to the form.

Early-July: Review Your Payment Options

In early-July, review and set up your payment options.



How your parent can apply for a Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan.

If your parent is planning to borrow through the Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan to help finance your education, have them view this step-by-step guide. Find out the particulars for this loan on our Federal Loan Information page and then have them begin the process of Applying for a PLUS Loan through the Federal Student Aid site.

Learn more about private educational loans.

One option to consider when financing your education is a private educational loan. View our guide for an overview of private educational loans or visit our private educational loan page for considerations to ask when shopping around for a loan or to link to the loan comparison tool.

Learn more about our monthly payment plan option.

One payment option to consider is a monthly payment plan. View our step-by-step guide to learn about the plan and how to set one up. Learn more about the monthly payment plan option or other payment options you can consider to settle your bill.

Using your 529 Plan.

After you have reviewed your bill, you can request a payment from your 529 Administrator so that it is received prior to the billing due date. Review this guide to learn how to request your 529 payment from your Administrator and what we need to make sure your payment arrives on-time to your student account. For more information about 529 Plans and other ways to finance your UVM education please view our payment options page.

Mid-July: Learn more about the Federal Work-Study program & Resolve Your Bill by the Due Date

If you are thinking of working this year you can start your job search. It's also a good time to take care of your bill before the due date, to avoid a financial hold preventing access to add courses and a late payment fee.


Learn more about the Federal Work-Study program.

Are you considering working this year? If yes, watch our guide on the federal work-study program and visit Student Employment's federal work-study page for more information.

How to read and respond to your bill.

UVM bills are online. Billing notifications are sent to the student at their UVM email address and to anyone the student has established as a Proxy with account and billing access. Review this guide for help in reading and responding to your UVM bill. Learn more about available payment options to assist in paying for your UVM education and learn more about billing and payment due dates with helpful tips to respond to your bill. 

By mid-August: Set Up Direct Deposit & Other Important Information

If you haven't already, avoid holds which prevent access to adding a course and a late payment fee by taking care of your bill by the due date (see mid-July for a video). Make sure that you also set up direct deposit so you can receive your refund (if eligible) when its ready.



Set up direct deposit to receive your financial aid refund if eligible.

Get an overview of the financial aid refund process here at UVM and learn how to set up direct deposit so you can receive yours if eligible. You can learn more about it on our Direct Deposit and Our Refund Policy page.

Understanding the supplemental room charge or credit.

View this guide to learn more about the supplemental room charge or credit you may have received. Learn more about this by visiting our additional fees and fines page. Learn more about room rates through Residential Life.

Understanding the difference between dropping versus withdrawing from a class.

Are you considering dropping or withdrawing from one of your classes? If so, watch this guide to learn more about the difference between the two. The other important consideration is based upon the tuition refund schedule to determine what if any refund you will receive.

Catamount Family

  • Become a key player in your student's success by viewing the family calendar (Vice Provost & Dean of Students Office) for yearly highlights.
  • While UVM primarily will communicate with your student directly and encourages family communication, you can sign up to receive the Catamount Family Newsletter, sent from Vice Provost for Student Affairs. This is a monthly newsletter, tailored specifically for current parents and families and includes general advice and reminders, upcoming engagement opportunities, and important news from across the university.
  • Learn about resources available to point your student towards success.


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