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Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based financial aid award that provides student employment opportunities to help defray expenses associated with attending college.

FWS is awarded in combination with other aid to meet financial need.

Am I Eligible For a Work Study Award?

Undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree students who are enrolled or accepted for enrollment at least half-time and demonstrate financial need may be eligible.

International or Non-Degree students cannot be considered for FWS.

How Do I Get Work-Study?

  1. File the FAFSA
  2. Accept your FWS award and become hired into a position through the Student Employment Jobs Board (JobX) by the important deadline listed below.

Your FWS position isn't secure until both steps have been completed. Your FWS award is part of your overall financial aid offer. Your financial aid offer is the total amount of financial aid offered by UVM. It includes both federal and non-federal aid to help pay for your college expenses.

Important Deadlines

Student must be listed as a hire in the Student Employment Jobs Board (JobX) on or before:

Fall only or full academic year awarded students:
October 1 by 4:30 PM

Spring only awarded students:
February 15 by 4:30 PM

Note: If you were awarded FWS for the full academic year and wish to work in the spring semester only, you need to email Student Financial Services  by October 1 and request the spring portion of your award only. Otherwise, your FULL academic year award will be canceled and cannot be re-instated due to limited funding.

Students can be hired into three FWS jobs in order to maximize the opportunity to earn the eligibility amount awarded to them. 

When Can I Work?

FWS is available during the academic year only and that begins on the first day of the fall semester and ends on the last day of spring exams. If a student is awarded fall only FWS, the last day of employment is the last day of fall semester exams.  

Students are encouraged to create a work schedule to achieve the following:

  • commit ample time towards academics
  • consistent earnings throughout each semester

Students should not earn more than half of their full year award in the fall semester due to semester based awarding and potential changes to a financial aid award.

Remaining fall semester award eligibility will carry forward into the spring semester, allowing students to earn their remaining balance in addition the spring portion.  Students awarded for both semesters are able to work during the winter break.  


Work study earnings are not applied to your UVM student account.  Earnings are payable to you in a bi-weekly payroll.  Direct deposit is mandatory and until this is established, paychecks are printed and available in the payroll office located at 237 Waterman. We encourage students to prepare a budget to help plan anticipated income and expenses.

The State of Vermont determines the minimum wage each year, effective January 1. The SEO recommends that supervisors use the Pay Level guideline located in the Helpful Documents folder of the Jobs Board to initiate and sustain fair wage practices.

Departments that wish to continue employing a student after they have earned their full FWS award must be hired through the Jobs Boards as an hourly employee.


Non-Work Study Employment

If you haven't been awarded FWS or have chosen not to apply for need-based Federal financial aid, you can still work. Jobs opportunities are available on- and off-campus. If you're eligible, you may work as a university hourly student employee. All FWS jobs are posted and managed through JobX, the UVM Jobs Board.


students awarded Federal Work Study in 2022-2023