UVM Photo & Video Style

UVM photography and videography should feel natural, energetic and “in the moment,” to highlight UVM’s strengths in providing hands-on and experiential learning opportunities.  As much as possible, the camera should be in-the-action and subjects should be shown in-motion, interacting with each other and their environment using natural light. Imagery should highlight our campus’ high level of academic facilities, diversity of classrooms, exciting research, and beautiful Vermont environment when possible.


a collage of photos showcasing different activities


Feature or Spotlight Photos are those typically shot to be paired with a story or narrative showcasing the talents of a member (or small group of members) of our community. These photos should feel un-posed, relaxed, and candid—showing subjects within their natural environment, area of study, job, or interest. When paired with a written piece, feature photos should enhance the unique story being told and will add depth to the overall creative work and storytelling being communicated by showcasing the action being represented. When capturing subjects, engage them in discussion to avoid posed shots and embrace their natural gestures.


collage of photos showing different portraits of people in a variety of locations


Portraits are typically shot for biography-style placements in publications and on the web. For this type of photo, simple head and shoulder horizontal style portrait, with the subject looking directly at the camera is most appropriate.  Ensure there is adequate clearance (space) around your subject to ensure good web placement.  Avoid plain, solid-color backgrounds and dim lighting, and embrace depth of field behind your subjects.