The university logo (sometimes referred to as our 'Primary Logo') serves as the visual cornerstone of our brand identity, encapsulating the institution's values and heritage. Consistency in its usage not only enhances recognition but also fosters trust and loyalty among our stakeholders. By maintaining a unified front in employing our logo, we uphold the integrity of our brand, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presence across all channels and interactions.

This logo should be the primary choice when representing official university in communications and materials.

University of Vermont logo: A white letter V outlined by a dark green shield and the text University of Vermont with markers noting the deconstructed parts for logomark and logotype

Logomark - A logomark is a distinctive symbol or graphic element used to represent a brand independently of its accompanying text. UVM's logomark is our filled in shield with a V in the center.

Logotype - A logotype (often referred to as a wordmark) is a logo, or part of a logo, comprised solely of text; typically consisting of the brand name rendered in a unique and stylized font. UVM's logotype is in the typeface Spezia Serif Variable and should always be presented in a stacked orientation where 'University' above 'of Vermont' at the same point size.

Logo - Our logo is our Logomark and Logotype together. This is primarily how our logo is represented to external audiences.

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Logo Variations

composite University of Vermont logos in horizontal and vertical format both in a dark format with A white letter V outlined by a dark green shield and the text University of Vermont and a white format University of Vermont logo: A dark green letter V outlined by a white shield and the text University of Vermont


Official variations of our University exist for the flexibility of your design.  The most recognizable and common use of our university logo is the horizontal lockup; but the stacked version is permissible in areas where you may not have as much horizontal space. 

The most recognizable version of our logo is the horizontal lockup in Catamount Green. Ensure that the color or image you are placing the logo over has enough color contrast with the logo you are using. Darker backgrounds should use the white logo, while lighter backgrounds should use the Catamount Green lockup.  A black lockup is available if needed - but should only be used in instances where it is required.

Shield, Mark, and Monogram

a solid green shield with a white v, a green v, and a green UVM side-by-sideThe stand alone shield, V, and UVM monogram are available for use in various design projects - but are not not to be used as a substitute for our official logo; and should be placed in spaces on which the full logo exists, or "University of Vermont" is displayed.