Storm Impacts on Phytoplankton Community Dynamics in Lakes

In this video, Professor Jason Stockwell, Director of the Wildlife & Fisheries Biology Program and Director of the Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory at the University of Vermont, provides an update on an international research project that uses long-term data sets to examine how storms impact phytoplankton in lakes.

The foundation for this work was summarized in "Storm impacts on phytoplankton community dynamics in lakes," published in Global Change Biology in March 2020. Jason describes the evolution of this large, team-based approach to science, the path the team has traveled to compile and share data sets from across the globe, and current research efforts and highlights that are emerging from this international venture.

The Vermont Water Resources and Lake Studies Center, Vermont EPSCOR, and others support Jason’s research. Many funders support the collaborative, international research by members of the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON). This seminar is part of the Lake Champlain Sea Grant Research Seminar Series.