Research Seminar: Upwelling in Lake Champlain's South Main Lake: Identifying Events and Assessing Impacts

In this video, Eric Leibensperger, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Ithaca College, presented his data and results from the research project “Upwelling in Lake Champlain’s South Main Lake,” which is funded by Lake Champlain Sea Grant and administered by SUNY-Plattsburgh. The research helps managers better understand the consequences of policy decisions, while also shedding light on physical processes (upwelling) that are not controllable and may be modified by a changing climate and helps to understand our progress toward cleaner water in Lake Champlain and the potential for climate change to compromise those efforts.

Eric Leibensperger specializes in environmental physics, climate change, and air quality. Prior to Ithaca College, Eric was a professor at SUNY Plattsburgh for eight years and worked with colleagues there to study the impact of climate change and weather events on Lake Champlain.

This seminar is part of the Lake Champlain Sea Grant Research Seminar Series; it took place on November 17, 2021.