Drinking Water and Potable Water Supply Systems in Vermont

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Faucet dripping into glass of water

About three out of ten Vermont households drink water from private wells or springs. Learn about how these life sustaining systems work and why it is important to protect our drinking water supply. Learn about different elements in water and where to direct clients when water treatment systems are needed. Develop a more thorough understanding of regulations regarding residential potable water supplies.

Explore best practices and responsibilities for real estate professionals when working with buyers and sellers with private water systems. Learn about common permit and approval issues and potential water supply issues at time of sale. Learn how to access online state resources for general questions, permit applications, and contact information for state regional engineers.

Eligible for 2 Vermont Real Estate License CE Credits

For more information and to register, contact Linda Patterson at lspatter [at] uvm.edu or 802-734-2617 or register through the Vermont Association of Realtors.