Hear How Lake Champlain Basin Landowners Restore Riparian Forests

By Lake Champlain Sea Grant Staff
March 31, 2022

Join Lake Champlain Sea Grant and the Watershed Forestry Partnership for the March episode of the “Restoration Roundup” podcast. Learn how three Vermont landowners and farmers in the Lake Champlain basin have restored riparian, or wetland and riverbank, forests on their properties and how their decisions have impacted nearby waterways, wildlife, and their own views of land management.

When we talk about riparian forest restoration, a big piece of the puzzle is the land it happens on, and usually that land is privately owned. In this episode of the Restoration Roundup podcast, Alison Adams and Liz Woodhull interview Guy Choiniere, a third-generation dairy farmer from Highgate Center; Geo Honigford, a retired vegetable farmer from South Royalton; and Larry Trombley, a retired high school teacher from Swanton, who leases some of his land to a farmer. The three landowners discuss what led them to make their decisions to restore riparian forest habitat, what was challenging about the projects, how their new forests are doing now, and more!

Enjoy listening to this podcast on Lake Champlain Sea Grant's Watershed Forestry Partnership Restoration Roundup Podcast webpage or find the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or most other podcast streaming platforms.

The Restoration Roundup podcast, released on the last Wednesday of each month, is supported by NEIWPCC and the Lake Champlain Basin Program.