Students who are interested in changing their housing assignment or filling a vacancy in their space have two options, both of which begin after the Add/Drop deadline has passed. Please keep in mind that the room change process takes approximately one month.

Room Changes During the School Year

Room Swaps (Body-for-body)

Body-for-body room swaps involve an equal number of people (1-for-1 or 2-for-2) swapping places. You cannot swap places with an empty space.

  • Check with your office manager to see if a body-for-body swap is possible in your case.
  • All residents of both spaces must agree in writing to this change.
  • Please do not move until your request is approved by your office manager. For safety/security, we need to know exactly where everyone is staying. 

Join the Room Change Request List

Adding your name to the Room Change Request List is the first step to receive a room change offer. Here's how to do it:

  1. Log in to  the housing portal. Add your name to one or more room change request forms.
  2. Check your UVM email for a room change offer. Offers have an expiration date, so check your email often!

Please note:

  • You can always view the room before you decide if you want the space—check details in your room change offer.
  • Please note that the room change wait list rolls over from fall to spring semesters, so you may be on it already.

Room Vacancies

Pull In a Friend

If there is a vacancy in your room, you may have the opportunity to request someone to move into that space. In this case, you will receive a pull-in offer notification after the Add/Drop deadline each semester. Please note that not all vacant spaces are eligible for pull-ins. We may require vacant spaces for administrative or emergency moves. If you have a vacancy but do not receive an email, your space may be reserved for another reason.

If you receive a pull-in offer letter, please reply within 48 hours (or two business days) with your requested roommate's name and UVM NetID and. We will do our best to honor it, but please know that pull-ins are not guaranteed.

Your friend should not move in with you until:

  • We have approved the request and they have received an email from us;
  • They have completed the necessary steps specified in the email.

Please note:

  • Students do not have to be in the same learning community to be pulled in, with the exception of Wellness Environment.
  • After we are able to approve the request, we email an offer to the requested roommate and copy the current resident.
  • Your intended roommate may not be eligible for a room change, depending on their student status or factors such as SAS accommodations.
  • Your current building location  might not be eligible for certain room changes.
  • If you are in a Learning Community,  we will give priority to students in that same Learning Community.

Questions? Feel free to email us.

Wait for a New Roommate

If you do not have a roommate preference:

  • We will use it for a new student, and we will copy you on the emails sent to students offering them the empty space in your room.

When a potential new roommate contacts you, please respond!

  • Students who receive a room change offer are escorted by a ResLife staff member to visit the room. If you are not at home, the ResLife staff member will key in.
  • Room visits usually occur 24 hours after the offer is sent. In some situations, we may need to view the room or move someone in with less/no additional notice to you.
  • Although it’s always good to connect beforehand, please realize that a new roommate can still move in without meeting you first.

Always be ready for a new roommate:

  • Do not spread your things all over. Keep your own belongings in a clearly defined area.
  • Keep the second set of furniture open and accessible for a new roommate.
  • Students in half-empty rooms who do not provide open, equal, and welcoming space, or display inappropriate behavior towards a new roommate—requirements of your housing and meal plan contract—will be referred through the Terms and Conditions (TAC) process with their hall staff.