Living and Learning A-E | Residential Life | The University of Vermont(title)

Living and Learning Commons (L&L) houses first-year and returner students in Global Connections. Living and Learning also houses campus partners, classrooms, and dining options.

Hall Information

  • Campus: Athletic
  • Learning Community: Global Connections
  • Tier: Enhanced
  • Front Desk: in building
  • Occupancy: 569
  • Room Types: Suite Singles, Doubles
  • Floor Layout: Mixed-gender suites and floors
  • Bathroom Type: Private restroom per suite
  • Kitchens: 10 shared kitchens
  • University Marche: a student market for snacks, groceries, sushi, and hot food.
  • Prism Center, Mosaic Center, Exam Center, and Tutoring Center all within the complex.

Mailing Address

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Living and Learning Commons, Room #
633 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05405

A room with two couches and a large window.

A common room in Living and Learning.
A room with two beds, two desks, and two dressers.

A suite double room in Living and Learning.
A room with a bed, dresser/closet, and desk.

A suite single room in Living and Learning.



Katie Johnson

Living & Learning Office Manager

Jasmine Wilkerson

Assistant Director of Residential Education, Athletic Campus

Area Coordinator, Living/Learning, University Heights North, University Heights South

Vacant Position


Joy Emmanuel

Assistant Residence Director, Living/Learning

Ashley Hance

Program Director, Global Connections

Mary Noel Riby-Williams

Program Coordinator, Global Connections