Are you a maker?  Tinkerer?  Endlessly curious?  Excited about the possibilities? Innovation & Entrepreneurship is a community of dedicated students, faculty, and staff ready to develop the next generation of change-makers.

Our hometown is known nationally as a center for innovative thinking. Here in the birthplace of Burton and Ben & Jerry’s, develop the next big idea that could solve a global problem, launch a business, or design the future.



Make your home on a campus in the midst of a community grounded in the innovative spirit. Explore the state-of-the-art laboratory, classrooms and research facilities of UVM’s STEM complex.  Engage with the Generator and other incubator spaces in Burlington.  Let your interests drive you to make, learn and explore in an in-house maker space.



  • First time, first-year students will take Innovation Explored,  a one-credit course examining concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship and how to apply them in the community.
  • Faculty across a multitude of disciplines including Community Development and Applied Economics will lend their expertise and mentor the innovative spirit within.



Connect with local social entrepreneurs using business to be the change. Tackle real-world challenges and creatively apply what you learn. Harness creativity and innovation skills to lead you to your career goals. 


Locations for 2018-2019: Hamilton, Simpson

Please check your housing contract for more specific location information.


Joshelyn RamirezJoshelyn Ramirez
Area Coordinator
Haley ClaytonHaley Clayton
Program Director
Steve KostellSteve Kostell
Faculty Co-Director
Andrew MeadAndrew Mead
Faculty Co-Director

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