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What makes you YOU? The Cultural Crossroads community can help you discover your passions and common interests while learning more about the world around you.

Expand your sights, open your mind, and discover everyday existence as a global citizen through the exploration of culture, language, and lifestyle—an inclusive community where the whole person is valued. Students will deepen their capacity for learning and understanding shared values, social practices, and expressions.



Here students have the opportunity to engage with live-in staff and faculty—academically, socially, and personally. Engaging in a diverse array of programming enables them to explore connections among the typical ways of life of an individual, group, or culture on a regional, national, and international scale.



Here students design their own adventure and dive more deeply into their passions and skill development around culture, language, and lifestyle. Through special guest lectures, language tutors, seminars, workshops, social gatherings, and access to both on- and off-campus performances, exhibits, and speakers, students carve their own path of exploration.


Cultural Crossroads returners (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) will live together in one of four community villages:

  • The Global Village: Students in Global Village will celebrate languages and traditions from all over the world.
  • The Cultural Expression Village: Students in Cultural Expressions will create an environment that enriches their cultural artistic expression.
  • The Community Connections Village: Students in Community Connections will foster a culture of care where they can engage with their community as active global citizens.
  • The Identity Collective Village: In this village, students will take a deeper dive into their own social and cultural identities in the residence halls.

Students placed in Cultural Crossroads who indicated an area of focus will be invited to propose a themed house within their village.



Undergraduate Course Facilitator (UCF): Work closely with the Cultural Crossroads faculty and staff to instruct the first-year course Exploring Identities and Global Lives. Application opens in March.

Learning Community Leader (LCL): Serve as a primary role model for other students in the LC and work closely with Cultural Crossroads staff to create a successful educational experience and learning environment. Applications accepted in January of each year.

Resident Advisor (RA): Work closely with the Cultural Crossroads team as a primary resource for students to build a sense of home and support community connections and involvement. Students interested in this position should be on the lookout for RA Info Sessions in November.

Hall Council Member: A great way to have a voice and action in our Cultural Crossroads community. More information about Hall Council will be available at the beginning of the fall semester.


Just a few of the great programs you can find here:

  • No English Food Truck is a traditional Cultural Crossroads event where student leaders highlight language and food from their culture. It's a great opportunity for students to connect with the Enhanced Experience Houses offered within Cultural Crossroads and to explore culture in an exciting new way.
  • Queer Prom is a collaborative event between the LGBTQIA+ Collaborative Enhanced Experience and Cultural Crossroads. An open and affirming place for all identities, Queer Prom gives students the opportunity to be fully themselves in a world that isn’t always accepting. This is a celebration of liberation and love.
  • Tool and Skill-Building Workshops are designed for Cultural Crossroads students to continue developing their personal toolbox outside of the classroom. Engaging workshops such as Astrology & Leadership, Pizza and Privilege, and How Rude Was That? allow students a space to grow as cultural citizens.


Locations: Austin; Living/Learning A, B, C, E; Marsh, Tupper

Please check your housing contract for more specific location information.


Erin BakerErin Baker
Program Director


Diana FrancoDiana Franco
Program Coordinator


Kathleen ScollinsKathleen Scollins
Faculty Associate


Ingrid NelsonIngrid Nelson
Faculty Associate


Tina EscajaTina Escaja
Faculty Associate


Jazz WilkersonJazz Wilkerson
Area Coordinator


Ana SolaAna Sola
Residence Director


Denis Garcia ReyesDenis Garcia Reyes
Assistant Residence Director


Grace SpadoroGrace Spadoro
Assistant Residence Director


Abby KelleyAbby Kelley
Office Manager

What excites us about Cultural Crossroads? Our students! Their drive, commitment and vision form the lifeblood of our community. This is the beauty of student-designed programs–they work because the students who build them from the ground up are invested, passionate, and eager to share and EXPAND their vision by working side-by-side with other students, faculty, staff, and community partners. The opportunity to witness and support their creative processes on such a scale (i.e. the Living/Learning model) is awe-inspiring!


Campus: Athletic
Buildings: Marsh, Austin, Tupper; Living/Learning A, B, C, E


Marsh/Austin/Tupper Main Desk:
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Office Manager: 802.656.5481


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Living/Learning Main Desk:
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