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Celebrating and exploring the arts, this learning community encourages UVM students to find their voice in the creative process.

New for 2018-2019, this is a vibrant community where you are free to explore your interest in the visual and performing arts by expanding and deepening your connection to creativity and expression.



Students will engage with staff, faculty and artists through weekly formal and informal connections, gallery exhibits, field trips, studio visits, artist workshops, and social gatherings. Our Artist in Residence offers hands-on experiences and explorations through a variety of artistic mediums.

  • New first-time, first-year students will enroll in a one-credit Foundations in the Arts seminar designed to build connections among students in the community.
  • Students placed in Arts & Creativity will have the option to apply for an enhanced experience. If admitted, they will receive additional benefits, including priority for room selection, special programming options, leadership opportunities, and possibly an option to enroll in a seminar and earn credit.



Students will have a variety of opportunities to develop skills in both the visual and performing arts. Whether it is developing a gallery exhibit, helping design a logo, or performing for our coffee hour, there are many outlets where new experiences and old are cultivated.


  • Amps in the Ampitheater happens every Friday evening in the fall and spring, where students have the chance to perform and showcase their talents.
  • Furious Festival is a full day of art, music, performances, and food that turns our part of campus into a fun arts fair.
  • The Visiting Artist and Scholars Series brings a variety of artists in to present and have conversation about their work and profession.



For a deeper dive, we invite students placed in Arts & Creativity to explore these enhanced experiences.


Locations for 2018-2019: Hunt, McAuley, McCann, Ready, Richardson, Sichel

Please check your housing contract for more specific location information.


Lizzy GomezLizzy Gomez
Area Coordinator
Ann Barlow Ann Barlow
Program Director
Major JacksonMajor Jackson
Faculty Co-Director
Paula HigaPaula Higa
Faculty Co-Director

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