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Art and the creative process are powerful platforms for exploration of self; the creation of place; and the art of collaboration and community building.


Process Over Product

When we allow ourselves to engage and express ourselves through creative processes, we are all artists. We offer hands-on workshops and working spaces that emphasize process over product. Hone your craft in practice rooms and studio spaces, or try a new medium in our many workshops.


We emphasize authentic communities and authentic experiences. Student art, voices, and showcases are at the heart of our community. We host student band nights, provide programming support for events you want to organize, and showcase student artists and makers through university-wide events.


We believe that art and creativity are accessible experiences for all when we provide equitable opportunities to explore them. Our programming emphasizes a wide array of creative and artistic expression, and we help students connect with creative resources at UVM and in the Burlington area.
Student perform and gather on an outdoor stage. Open studio A student DJ with projected lights behind.

Signature Events

Outdoor Concerts: Enjoy performing or listening to student performances.

Open Studio Time: try your hand at making zines, buttons, books, Perler beads, collages and more!

TrinCity Turnout: Our music and arts festival brings all of North campus to the Trinity green.

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Shae Gwydir

Program Coordinator, Arts & Creativity

Holly Ange

Assistant Director of Residential Education, Trinity Campus

Meghan O'Toole

Area Coordinator, North Campus (McAuley, Mercy, Cottages, Jeanne Mance, Back Five, and Hillel)

Nikola Gorčíková

Trinity Office Manager