Arts and Creativity students relax on lawn

Celebrating and exploring the arts, the Arts & Creativity Learning Community encourages and supports UVM students to find their home in this creative community.

In this vibrant community you are free to explore your interest in the visual and performing arts by expanding and deepening your connection to creativity and expression.


Students have the opportunity to engage with students, staff, faculty and artists through weekly formal and informal connections, artist workshops, lectures, performances, exhibits and social gatherings.

  • Become engaged in a variety of opportunities to develop and explore skills in the visual and performing arts. 
  • Consider yourself invited to bring your interests and passions to our community, while being open to new experiences.
  • Strive to foster a sense of self-awareness, awareness of others’ creative expression, and how the arts inform an inclusive and active community.
  • Discover your place as an A&C citizen—whether as a creator, performer, patron, or community-builder.


Resident Advisor: Work closely with the A&C team as a primary resource for students to build a sense of home and support community connections and involvement. Students interested in this position should be on the lookout for RA Info Sessions in November.

Arts & Creativity Programming Assistant: If you have a Federal Work-Study award, you may apply to be one of our many student employees. Learn new skills while helping with our community events.

Hall Council: A great way to have a voice and action in our A&C community. More information about Hall Council available at the beginning of fall semester.


  • Tea Club: experience tea more deeply and learn how to brew in the gong fu cha style. On some weeks, topical conversations and activities are facilitated by students and staff ranging from the history of memes to privilege. Meets every week in the Great Room. Other weeks, expect great conversation, records, and impromptu piano performances.
  • Art & Crafts Night: Zines, buttons, books, watercolor and acrylic painting, perler beads, collages, bullet journaling--we embrace and celebrate every form of creativity in our Learning Community.
  • Outdoor Student Performances (spring & fall, weather dependent): Whether you are here to perform or to listen, our Friday Night Amps brings all of Trinity campus to our green space.
  • A&C Spring Art and Music Festival
  • Movie Nights
  • Exploring vibrant arts in Burlington and Winooski


Locations: Hunt, McAuley, McCann, Ready, Richardson, Sichel, Mercy

Please check your housing contract for more specific location information.


Ann BarlowAnn Barlow
Assistant Director for Learning Communities
Program Director


Bech EvansBech Evans
Program Coordinator


Residence Director Elliot WelshElliot Welsh
Residence Director


Cole MacCollisterCole MacCollister
Assistant Residence Director


Cindy RubalcabaCindy Rubalcaba
Office Manager


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Campus: Trinity
Buildings: Cottages, Hunt, McCann, McAuley, Mercy, Richardson, Ready, Sichel
Main Desk: McAuley Hall - 802.656.9640
Office Manager: 802.656.9398


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