The University of Vermont is home to over 1,200 full-time faculty scholars. From biomedical research to philosophy, from Big Data analysis to musical composition, our faculty members engage daily in the pursuit of meaningful and impactful research, scholarship and the creative arts. Our goal remains to translate what we learn or discover at the university into innovations that benefit all facets of society.
On behalf of Vice President for Research Richard Galbraith, M.D. Ph.D., we invite you to explore the creativity of and the opportunities for students, faculty, and their support staff in the areas of research, scholarship, and the creative arts at the University of Vermont.


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Research Strengths

All research, scholarship and creative work generated at the University of Vermont is produced by, or under the supervision of, the faculty of the eight Colleges that comprise the university.

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Research Reports

The university is committed to sharing the products of our research and scholarship for the benefit of our scholars, our community and society at large.

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Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)

Details about the support, services and facilities the university provides to our faculty and students can be found on the OVPR website.

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UVM Stories

Claudia Benito Alston holding a skull she created in the Fab Lab at UVM
Engineering student, regular in the UVM Fab Lab
Conducting research on how long-term space travel impacts vision, fellow at Harvard Med and Mass General
Spider expert and associate professor of biology explains the potential of webs
Assistant professor of biology explores the diversity of life in our oceans
Food Systems grad student, getting media attention for research on poutine
Simon McIntosh in Mongolia on horseback
Mapping routes for the first paved roads in Mongolia
Bierman in Greenland
Geology professor, studying melting ice sheet that covers Greenland
Benjamin Kagan ’18
Undergrad chemistry major, winner Goldwater Scholarship
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UVM Research Talk