About Valerie Harder

Dr. Valerie Harder has a doctorate in Mental Health Epidemiology and a masters in Biostatistics from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. Harder has extensive experience leading research and evaluation teams to measure the impact of public health interventions to improve physical and mental health outcomes of youth and young adults. She leads a team of researchers to leverage large administrative healthcare data sources to assess the impact of quality improvement efforts, targeted interventions, and healthcare policies. In addition, Dr. Harder has conducted quantitative evaluations of improvement projects for health systems in primary and specialty care.


  • PH307 Epidemiology II

Articles & Publications

Publications to date over the past five years (2017-2021)

  1. Harder, V.S., Varni, S.E., Murray, K.A., Plante, T.B., Villanti, A.C., Wolfson, D.L., Maruthi, S., Fairfield, K.M. (Accepted, 2021) Prescription Opioid Policies and Associations with Opioid Overdose and Related Adverse Effects. International Journal of Drug Policy. 97:103306. doi: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2021.103306. Online ahead of print.
  2. Harder, V.S., Plante, T.B., Koh, I., Rogers, E.B., Varni S.E., Villanti, A.C., Brooklyn, J.R., Fairfield, K.M. (In Press, 2021). Influence of opioid prescription policy on overdoses and related adverse effects in a primary care population. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 36(7):2013-2020. doi: 10.1007/s11606-021-06831-4. Online ahead of print.
  3. Harder, V.S., Shaw, J.S., McCulloch, C.E. Kill, L., Robinson, K.J., Shepard, M.T., Cabana, M.D., Bardach, N.S. (2020) Statewide Asthma Learning Collaborative Participation and Asthma-related Emergency Department Use. Pediatrics. 146(6):e20200213. doi: 10.1542/peds.2020.0213. Video Abstract: https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/146/6/e20200213
  4. Green, A., Weinberger, S., Harder, V.S. (2020). The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire as a Mental Health Screening Tool for Newly Arrived Pediatric Refugees. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 23(3):494-501. doi: 10.1007/s10903-020-01082-7.
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  6. Harder, V.S., Musau, A.M., Musyimi, C.W., Ndetei, D.M., Mutiso, V.N. (2019). A randomized clinical trial of mobile phone motivational interviewing for alcohol use problems in Kenya. Addiction. 115(6):1050‐1060.
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  9. Mbwayo, A.W., Mathai, M., Harder, V.S., Nicodimos, S., Vander Stoep, A. (2019) Trauma among Kenyan School Children in Urban and Rural Settings: PTSD Prevalence and Correlates. Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma. 6(4):502-16.
  10. Harder, V.S., Barry, S.E., Ahrens, B., Davis W.S., Shaw, J.S. (2018). Quality Improvement to Immunization Coverage in Primary Care Measured in Medical Record and Population-Based Registry Data. Academic Pediatrics. 18(4): 437-444.
  11. Landrey, A.R., Harder, V.S., Sandoval, M.B., King, J.G., Zeligman, D.S., MacLean, C.D. (2018). Utilization Outcomes of a Pilot Primary Care Team Redesign. Health Services Research and Managerial Epidemiology. doi: 10.1177/2333392818789844.
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  15. Wolfson, D.L., Tandoh, M.A., Jindal, M., Forgione, P.M., Harder, V.S. (2017). Adult Intraosseous Access by Advanced EMTs: A Statewide Non-Inferiority Study. Prehospital Emergency Care. 21(1):7-13.

Community Engagement

Dr. Harder is a founding member of the Vermont Evaluation Network (VEN), was the Co-Chair for the first two years and is now an active member.  VEN is a volunteer organization affiliated with the American Evaluation Association, a national organization. VEN meets quarterly to share current health and education-related evaluation projects across Vermont and surrounding areas, network, and support each other.

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